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Württemberg was at first a small County in the south-western corner of present Germany, between Esslingen and Bad Cannstatt. The counts became more and more influential and were promoted to Dukes of Württemberg in 1495. In 1806 the territory became the Kingdom of Württemberg. After the first world war the Kingdom lost its independence and became a semi-independent Free-state in the new Republic. After the second world war it was combined with Baden and some additional territories to the State of Baden-Württemberg.

The original arms of Württemberg are three deer antlers. They are first mentioned in 1228 as the arms of count Konrad and his father Hartmann. The arms were derived from older arms of the counts of Nellenburg, that showed three blue antlers. Both the counts of Nellenburg and of Württemberg were related to the counts of Veringen. Hartmann of Wirtinsberc (=Württemberg) was married to a Countess of Veringen.

At first the arms were covered by a helmet, and a peacock feather as a crest. It is known since 1279, but may be older in origin. In the beginning of the 14th century the crest was replaced by a horn, as can be seen in the Zürich roll of arms and the roll of arms of von der Esten. The mantling was red and gold, and may be derived from the counts of Veringen. In the 15th century three feathers were placed in the mouth of the horn, their origin is unknown (this is still seen in the arms of Urach).



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