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 Anna Sophia (Herrmann) Stadtler

Born - Saturday, June 21, 1823

Burgsalach, Bavaria, Germany

Died - Monday, November 1, 1909

Home of F. Paul Eltiste

Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Wednesday, November 3. 1909

Saint Paul's Lutheran Cemetery

(Hickory Grove Cemetery)

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Aged - 86 Years,  5 Months, 20 Days

Anna Sophia (Hermann) Stadtler



Funeral Card



Buried - Hickory Grove Cemetery

Anna Sophia Stadtler - Tombstone







November 12, 1909 – Front Page – Column 4

Tuesday October 28, 1909, Mrs. Sophia Stadtler died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Paul Eltiste. Mrs. Stadtler was born in Germany in 1823 and consequently was past 86 years of age. Several months ago, she suffered a bad fall, which undoubtedly hastened her demise, as up to that time, she had been stout and hearty for one of her age.

For over twenty-eight years she lived with her daughter and been a loved member of the family, and as Mr. Eltiste remarked to the writer. “There is a vacancy, a vacant chair in the household that cannot be filled since mother has gone.”

The funeral was held Wednesday, November third, after which the remains were laid in the beautiful little cemetery at Hickory Grove.








Husband - J. George Herman Stadtler

Born - September 18, 1819

Burgsalach, Bavaria, Germany

Died - November 1895


Daughter - Maria Barbara (Stadtler) Eltiste

(Sister of F. Paul's 1st Wife)

Born - April 4, 1851

Hettington, Bavaria, Germany

Married - July 4, 1881

First Saint Paul's Church

Helena, Nebraska

Died - December 19, 1924

Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - December 22, 1924

Hickory Grove Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Daughter - Anna Sophia (Stadtler) Eltiste

(Sister of F. Paul's 2nd Wife)

Born - July 8, 1854

Hettington, Bavaria, Germany

Married - January 5, 1872

Died - November 5, 1880

Cook, Johnson County, Nebraska

Buried - Near Cook, Nebraska



Father -  Stadtler

Mother - Unknown




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