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Alan J. Hermenet

Born - October 3, 1960

Sodus, Wayne County, New York

Died - December 4, 1981

Rochester, Monroe County, New York

Buried - December 6,1981

 Sodus Centre Cemetery

(aka: Brick Church Cemetery)

Sodus Center, Wayne County, New York



High School Graduation 1978


Alan Hermenet Patient

Family Education Center

Our library was named in memory of Alan Hermenet of Sodus, New York and is supported each year by his family and by other donations to the Cancer Center.

Alan Hermenet Patient-Family Library, lending library of general materials on cancer-related topics; reference section of technical texts and journals geared to specific issues in cancer treatment and management


Sister - Constance June (Hermenet) Blondell

Born - June 22, 1954


Sister - Susan J. Hermenet

Born - October 12, 1962


Sister - Heidi J. (Hermenet) Sink

Born - April 21, 1968



Father Alfred J. Hermenet Jr.

Mother - Sherry June (Burlee) Hermenet



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