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A Tribute to My Dear Cousin

Cheryl Rae (Golemb) Palumbo

1969 - 2009



East Rochester: Passed away suddenly, December 18, 2009, at the age of 40. Cheryl was a loving mother and best friend. She is survived by her husband, David Palumbo; children, Shayne & Frank Palumbo, Nicole & William Blair, Jennifer & Michael Palumbo, Samantha Clark; Birth parents, Bonnie & Bill Gielen; sister, Jacquelyn Smith; brother, Bill Roche; Adoptive Mother, Lenila (Waite) Golemb, and brother,
Mark Golemb, both of Rochester;  best friend, Christine Gaige; and loving companion, Roger Perrin. Preceding her in death is her Adoptive Father, Ray Golemb.
Cheryl was a beautiful free spirit who lived life to the fullest and loved her family and friends dearly. She will be missed by all and will be in our hearts forever.
S.C.I.O.- "It's a marvelous night for a moondance."




Daughter -Nicole Marie Blair

Born -November 22, 1988

Rochester, Monroe County, New York


Son -William Kenneth Blair

Born -May 31, 1990

Tallahassee, Florida


Son -Shayne Michael Palumbo

Born -June 20, 1999

 Rochester, Monroe County, New York


Son - Francisco (Frank) David Palumbo

Born - November13, 2004

Rochester, Monroe County, New York



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