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Jacob Hermanet

Born - August 22, 1891

Williamson, Wayne County, New York

Died - October 13, 1918

France, World War 1

Burial - December 1, 1918

Marion Cemetery, Marion,

Wayne County, New York




John, Jacob, & Mary Hermanet

Photograph Courtesy of Dennis De Groot's Web-Site

Taken 1916






Jacob Hermanet


Last Tributes and Military Honors were paid

Sunday afternoon to Jacob Hermanet,

World War soldier,

who died of pneumonia in a hospital in France,

 October 13, 1918, at the age of 27 years.


Jacob Hermanet was the son of the late

Abraham and Cynthia Hermanet.

His father died nine years ago.

His mother lived in this town

and it was when everyone was

rejoicing over news of the armistice

 that she received word of the death of her son.


Jacob Hermanet was the only boy Marion

lost in the great war.

He was with the 308th Machine Gun Battalion.

The body arrived in Marion at 6 o'clock Saturday evening,

and was taken  to the home of his brother, John Hermanet.


Funeral Services were held in the Second Reformed Church,

and were very largely attended.

Rev. DeKoster, pastor of the East Williamson

Reformed Church delivered an impressive

 sermon and offered prayer.

Rev. G. E. Finlay of Canandaigua, read the scripture.


The service flag of the Second Reformed Church,

containing seven blue and one gold star draped the pulpit.

Selections were sung by a quartette, Mrs. M. A. Brewster,

 Mrs. S. B. Curtis, Messrs. Arthur F. Jeffry and

Clifford Topping, accompanied by Miss Marjorie Casterton.

Beautiful Floral tributes covered the flag draped casket, which

were borne by six World War veterans: Dr. Arthur Bessemer,

Milo Morrison, Herbert White, Stanley Whiting,

 Fred Cattieu and Richard Fleck.

 A large company gathered in Marion cemetery

 for the burial services in the family lot.





Sister  - Jennie (Hermanet) Hoffman 

Born - March 1890


Brother  - John Hermanet

Born - November 9, 1892


Sister - Mary Mae (Hermanet) De Groot 

Born - June 12, 1894


Sister  - Nettie (Hermanet) De Groot  

Born - April 25, 1897


Sister - Jozina Josephine Hermanet

Born - December , 1898


 Brother - Leland Hermanet

Born - April 9, 1900


Brother - Albert "Bert" Hermanet

Born - March 27, 1904


Brother - Elmer Hermanet

Born - 1907


Sister - Iona (Hermanet) Bel

Born - February 2, 1910



Father -Abraham Hermanet

Mother - Jozina Cynthia (Hildebrand) Hermanet

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