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Mario Roger Leurgans

Born- June 20, 1960

Sluis, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Married - May 12, 1987

Oostburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands



Wife - Mildred (Faes) Leurgans

Born - November 1, 1961
Cadzand, Zeeland, The Netherlands




Dennis De Groot, Mildred & Mario Leurgans.


This Photograph was taken in March 2009, 10,000 ft above Palm Springs,

They had to take the tram up to the park. Evan though there was  snow up there,

It was still  80 degree's on the ground....

Photograph & Family Information Courtesy of Dennis De Groot



Brother - Michiel Eduard Marie Leurgans

Born - December 13, 1958

Sluis, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Wife - Veronique Renata Andrea (Pauwels) Leurgans


Sister - Marie Elisabeth Leurgans

Born - February 19, 1964

Oostburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands



Father - Jannis Michiel Leurgans

Mother - Ilva Sophia Barbara (Boukens) Leurgans



Grandfather - Michiel Jannis Leurgans

Grandmother - Elisabeth Cathalyntje (Aalbrestse) Leurgans



Great - Grandfather -  Jannis Leurgans

Great - Grandmother Marie (Hermenet) Leurgans




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