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Valentine Shade Hoy


Valentine Shade Hoy



Born - July 25, 1848

Hoy's Gap, Marion Township,

Centre County, Pennsylvania

Married - December 27,1883

Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska

Affiliation - Mason, Lodge #15,

Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska

Military - Civil War, Union Army,

Company G, 11th Regiment,

Volunteer Infantry, Wisconsin

Rank - Private

Occupation - Miner, Rancher/Cattleman,

Livestock Dealer

Died - March 1, 1898

Browns Park, Routt County, Colorado

Buried - Ridge Cemetery,

Dodge County, Fremont, Nebraska





Valentine Hoy was killed in Browns Park, Colorado.

 He was riding with a posse on March 1, 1898,

 after a 15 year old boy,  named Willie Strang,

who was working for him as a ranch hand,

was shot and killed on his ranch.


The boy had been tagging along with the outlaws,

 and after a card game which lasted all night,

he was horsing around and thought he would pull a prank.

 He either pulled a chair out from under outlaw

 Patrick Louis  Johnson as he was sitting down,

 or threw a pan of cold water in his face

 (accounts varied). Johnson started shooting

at the boy's feet to scare him and make

 him "dance," but he accidentally shot and

 killed the boy (he may have actually shot him on purpose,

since he had a bad temper and had killed men before).


 While riding with the Sheriffs posse who were on

Johnson's trail, Valentine  was shot and killed by

Harry Tracy, a notorious outlaw of the day.

Valentine was buried in Fremont, Nebraska where he

had been married .  They had two infant children,

 who died , and are also buried in Fremont.



HOY MOUNTAIN (Daggett County)

is in northeastern Utah, with Allen Draw on the north,

 the Colorado line on the east, and Pot Creek on the south.

J. S. and Valentine Hoy and their brothers moved

into and settled this region in the early 1870s.

 After Valentine Hoy was killed by the outlaw

Harry Tracy in the spring of 1898.
Hoy Mountain was named in his honor.



Wife - Julia Elinoise (Blair) Hoy



Photograph's Courtesy of Valentine & Janice Hoy IV

Which were received from Ruth (Richardson) Coopersmith,

Daughter of Neva (Hoy) Richardson.



Born - September 29, 1862

Caroline, Tompkins County,  New York

Occupation -  Teacher, Beaver Creek School,

Browns Park, Routt County, Colorado

Died - December 12, 1934

San Dimas, Los Angeles County, California

Buried - Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale,

Los Angeles County, California

Julia's Father - William Henry Blair

Julia's Mother - A. Matilda (Evans) Blair

Julia was the niece of Austin Blair,

Governor of Michigan during the Civil War.




Son -  Baby Boy Hoy

Born - October 28,1884

Died / Buried - October 30, 1884

Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska


Daughter - Baby Girl Hoy

Born/Died/Buried  - January 13, 1886

Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska


Daughter - Neva Louise (Hoy) Richardson

Born -March 9, 1887

Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska

Married - 1911

Los Angeles, California

Died - July 22, 1969

Los Angeles, California

Husband - Bernice George Richardson

To This Union a Daughter was Born

Daughter - Ruth (Richardson) Coopersmith



Son - Valentine  "Val" Shade Hoy 2nd

Born - February 6, 1889

Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska

Married - 1914

Salt Lake City, Utah

Died - August 6, 1952

Los Angeles County, California

Wife - Dorothy (Partridge) Hoy

Born - March 28, 1888

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Died - January 29, 1978

Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California

To This Union 2 Children Were Born

Son - Valentine Shade Hoy

July 15, 1915

Salt Lake City, Utah

Daughter - Helen Hoy

Born - June 13, 1917

Salt Lake City, Utah



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Father - Henry Hoy ,Jr.

Mother - Mary Ann (Smith) Hoy





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