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Baden ~Coat of Arms


The arms of the Grand-Duchy of Baden (1830-1918).

Origin and Meaning ~ Baden Coat of Arms

Baden was a County in South-Western Germany. From 1806-1914 it was a Grand-Duchy and between 1918 and 1933 a semi-independent Free-State. Since 1945 it is a State of the German Federal Republic. In 1952 it was combined with Württemberg-Baden and Südwürttemberg-Hohenzollern to Baden-Württemberg.

The Markgraves of Baden are descendents of the Zähringer dynasty, that were named after the castle Zähringen near Gundelfingen. They named themselves in the beginning of the 12th century after the castle Baden, in the present city of Baden-Baden. The original arms of the Zähringer dynasty was a red eagle on gold. Whether the Counts of Baden have used this eagle is not clear. In any case, from the beginning of the 13th century the red bend is used as the arms of Baden. The meaning or origin of this bend is not known. As crest two buffalo horns are used.

Baden State Anthem

Badner Land is the most beautiful of all Germany's regions!
A feast for the eyes, held safe in the palm of God's hand!
And so I greet thee, Badner Land, the pearl among Germany's treasures!
Take heart my Badner Land!




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