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What Time Is It? ~ Do You Know?


Our lives have become so busy,

We are always on the go…


We are in constant need of knowing….

What time is it?


It is time to tell that special person….

That you love them, and they are very special to you.


It is time to hug that special person….

Just to let them know you care.


It is time to pause and reflect….

And remember the special people in our lives.


It is time to hold the hand of that special person…

To be there when they need you to comfort them.


It is time to do that one special thing…

For someone you love.


It is time to thank God…

For all the special people in our lives.


It is time to stop and remember….

That special person who is gone and no longer with us.


It is time to take the time…

To do the things we have always been meaning do.

But never had the time.


Because before you know it…..

The clock will stop, and our time will all be gone.




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