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Hill Family ~Coat of Arms


Ellen E. (Rohrs) Hill

Origin of Name ~ English

Spelling variations include: Hill, Hille, Hyll, Hills and others.

First found in Worcestershire, where the hill family was seated from early times.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Edward Hill, who settled in Virginia in 1623, Joan Hill, who immigrated to St. Christopher in 1635, Henry Hill, who came to Bermuda in 1635, John Hill, who settled in the Barbados in 1654, George Hill, who arrived in New Jersey in 1677, Adam Hill, who sailed from Ireland to New York in 1816, Alexander Hill and his wife Elizabeth Currie, who emigrated from Scotland to Utah in 1855, and Sarah Hill, who was recorded in the 1871 census of Ontario.

Hill is an extremely common English place name that described the man who kept his home on or near a prominent hill, from Old English hyll = hill. The -y was pronounced in various ways in medieval England and the surname Hell developed from the same context with a different pronunciation. Sometimes the name was a shortened form of Hillary, or Hildabrand. Hell, Hull, Hille, Hillam, Hills, Hiller, Heller, Hillman are variations

The name Hill in Ireland is usually of immigrant origin having been brought to the country by settlers who arrived in to the Province of Ulster especially during the seventeenth century. This name is also sometimes used as a variant of the Irish names Glanney and Glenny.

Hill is the 33rd Most Popular Name in the United States




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