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Rohrs Family Coat of Arms


German name (Röhrs) reduced form of Röders, variant name of Roeder.

Spelling variations include: Rohre, Roehr, Roehrer, Rohrer, Rorer, Ror, Rore, Roar, Roare, Rhor, Rhore, Rorau (Silesia), Rohr, Roer, Roeher and many more.

Habitational name for someone from any of the places named Rödern, in Alsace, Rhineland, and Saxony, or Röderau in Saxony, or from any of various places in Germany and Austria called Rode.

First found in Brandenburg, where the name could be considered to have made a great early contribution to the feudal society which became the backbone of modern Europe.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Johannes Roar, who sailed to Philadelphia in 1728. Among the many others to follow this first settler were: Baltzar Roer, who sailed to Philadelphia in 1729, Jacob Rohr to Philadelphia in 1731, Johannis Rore to Philadelphia in 1738, Jacob Rohrer to Philadelphia in 1750, Joseph Roarer to Philadelphia in 1754, Jacob Rohr to Paraguay in 1877, and Georg Rohr to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1878.

Rohrs is the 34,860th Most Popular Name in the United States




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