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Schroeder Family  ~Coat of Arms

Hamburg Germany

Mary (Schroeder) Rohrs

An occupational surname for someone who cut cloth for tailors, from the Middle Low German "schrader" or "schroder," meaning tailor or the German verb "schroten," meaning to cut.

Spelling variations include: Schroeder, Schroder, Schroeter, Schroter, Shrout, Shroter, Shrouter, Schröder, Schöter and many more.

First found in the northeastern regions of Germany, where the name was closely identified in early mediaeval times with the feudal society which would have prominent effects on the development of European history.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Hans Schroeder and his wife Aeltje Jans, who came to New York in 1641, Johann Arnoltt Schrodter, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1738, Henrich Schroeder, who arrived in Pennsylvania sometime between 1741 and 1767, and Joachim Schroeder, who came to Noblestown in 1777.

Schroeder is the584th Most Popular Name in the United States




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