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Johann Friderich first, Eltiste, Grossmuetige unnd Standhaffte, of God Genaden duke to Saxonia, the holy Roman realm Ertzmarschalck and Churfuerst, Landgrave to Thuringia, Marggrave to Meissen and Burggrave to Magdeburg



The first documentary mention Eldiste (Eltiste)

of 27.12.1370

Text of the document in somewhat modernized rendition:

We Friedrich, the Eldiste, of Hackebom admit and do kund publicly in diessem letter all to those, which it to see or to read hear. We know from the right that the village white fount with all its rights in Beke and in the Dorfe, with its uses, fruits and customary laws of our special, dear brother-in-law, the gentleman is to Stolberg, right inheritance and Lehen. We ourselves got long time before it with its Eltervaters daughter. The same village with all its aforementioned rights and gifts (we give) in alternately (= in the exchange) around the village Braunschwende and point it (= the Stolberger) with the Lehen to the high-born prince, our Mr., who duke to Saxonia, from which we have that, and them now to have been supposed. We documents this letter with our placed behind witnesses. The Insiegel seals: We Friedrich of God grace bishop of the diocese Merseburg, Hans's von Olnitz... of salt whisk, Burkard schmied, give von Balike, Albrecht Bose and Gottschalk chicken. We admit and reveal at this same letter that all have this before-set address and article our benevolent Friedrich of heel fount and with him from (the legal procedure) knowledge with their words us to testify to have asked. To admit, we hung our Insiegel as well as its Insiegel to this letter. Given after Christi birth thirteen hundreds year after in the siebzigsten year to sank Johannistage (= 27,12.) the holy twelve messengers into Christmas.


Eltiste (Elteste), Gunther


Died - March 1618


(Local Politician)

Galerie der Spandauer Bürgermeister

Gallery of the Spandau of Mayor

1613 - 1618

Günther Eltiste

Eltiste (Elteste), Günther

* 1538

† 03.1618 Spandau



(Memorial Plaque)

Carl-Schurz-Straße 2-6, Spandau

Mayor of the District of Spandau

Bavaria National Flag



German National Flag


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