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Michael Eltiste

Born - November 21, 1865

Burgsalach, Bavaria, Germany

Married - November 17, 1891

Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas

Naturalized - September 14, 1894

Phillips County, Kansas

Died - April 19, 1948

Orange, Orange County, California




M. Eltiste & Company I.H.C. Farm Equipment P & O, located at 161 North Glassell Street, Orange, Orange County, California. Photo shows the original store, which opened in 1908, with signage across front of building that reads "I.H.C. (International Harvester Co.) Farm Equipment P & O." Signage to the left reads "International MOTOR TRUCKS" and below, "INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER McCORMICK DEERING SALES FARM MACHINES SERVICE." Signage in glass shop windows reads "TRACTORS" with "IHC" logo; "IMPLEMENTS", "MACHINERY" and "TRUCKS." Various farm implements are displayed on the sidewalk in from of the store. This is where, August Eltiste received his training in Implement Business. Main Office. Orange County.


Wife - Kunigunde (Beyerlein) Eltiste

Born - April 22, 1872


Died - July 19, 1955

Orange, Orange County, California



Son - George Paul Eltiste


Son - August Dan Eltiste


Son - Johann Fredrick Eltiste


Daughter - Anna Barbara (Eltiste) Muench


Son - Paul Michael Eltiste


Daughter - Emma (Eltiste) White


Son - Carl John Eltiste



Sister - Magdalena (Eltiste) Eickhoff


Brother -Johan Fredrich Eltiste


Sister - Kunigunde (Eltiste) Ehm


Brother - Daniel Gotteib Eltiste



Father - Johann George Eltiste

Mother - Anna Barbara (Beyerlein) Eltiste


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