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Lumber Sawing -Winter 1913


F. Paul Eltiste & Fred Bohling

During This Time is When F. Paul Nicknamed Fred  -"Feedie Feedie"


Freiderich Paul Eltiste

Born - September 6. 1850

Burgsalach, Bavaria, Germany

Died - September 8, 1920  ~Johnson, Nebraska

Buried -September 12, 1920

Hickory Grove Cemetery Nemaha County, Nebraska





The horse driven by Paul Eltiste became frightened by an auto last Friday in the east part of town and runaway. It ran into a telephone poll and threw Mr. Eltiste out of the Buggy and then broke loose from the buggy and ran uptown where it was caught. Mr. Eltiste escaped with a few bruises but the buggy was badly wrecked as was also several dozen eggs that were in the buggy.

The Johnson News

Front Page - Friday

November 28, 1913



Frederich Heinrich Dietrich Bohling

Fred "Feeddie Feeddie" Bohling

Born - November 25, 1879

Schwalingen, Germany

Died - April 8, 1953

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - April 10, 1953

Hickory Grove Cemetery, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Father - Frederich Heinrich Bohling

Mother - Anna Katherina (Baden) Bohling





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