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William Eltiste

Born - November 8, 1900

Phillips County, Kansas

Married -June 1937

Died - January 4, 1968

Fallon, Churchill County, Nevada

Buried - Fallon Cemetery

Fallon, Churchill County, Nevada

North Public Lawn-2  Section-30A  Space-19



Italian dinner. L-R: Esta and Bill Eltiste, Jean Corcoran, Lloyd Hamilton, Oliver Boone, Jack Ham, Frank Morrison, Babe Dreyfus

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia - 1939


Italian Air Raid Over
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
The night of October 19, 1940.
In Dhahran many people had heard those same explosions. "Spike" Spurlock, the lawyer who had drawn up the papers for the incorporation of Casoc in 1933 and who had until recently been in the London office, lay there awhile listening for something more, and then rolled over and went back to sleep. But Spurlock was a philosopher by nature, so unexcitable that his friends swore a self-winding wrist watch would invariably go dead on his wrist. Others, not so calm, ran out in shirttails, pajamas, or less, to discover what went on. Bill Eltiste dashed out of his quarters, and his neighbor, Mrs. Dreyfus, out of hers, and together they talked for a while, before Bill realized he had neglected to dress. He denies indignantly, however, that he was naked. "I had my shoes on," he says, and besides, as if in mitigation of the informality of his attire, "it was dark."



Wife - Esta Margaret Lee (Boland) McDonald Eltiste

Born - March 23, 1900

Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho

Died - June 16,1987

Buried - Fallon Cemetery

Fallon, Churchill County, Nevada

North Public Lawn-2  Section-30A  Space-20


1st Husband - Thomas Francis Boland

Born - June 11, 1893

Scranton, Scotland

Married - June 17,1917

Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana

Died - November 22, 1918 - Montana


2nd Husband - Rod J. McDonald

Married - August 4, 1920

Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho



Step -Daughter - Kathryn (McDonald) Wilson

Born - August 9, 1921



Sister - Louise H. (Eltiste) Carolan

Born - September 8, 1902 - Kansas


Brother - Fred Eltiste

Born - November 8, 1905 - Kansas

Died -  June 9, 1955

Marin County, California


Sister - Sophie Margaret Eltiste

Born - April 16,1908 -California


Veteran World War IIBrother - Albert George Eltiste

Born - January 15 ,1911 -California


Brother - Alfred E. Eltiste

Twin Brother

Born - January 15, 1911 -California



Father -Johan Fredrich Eltiste

Mother - Karoline (Ehman) Eltiste







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