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Daniel J. Hoy

Born - July 6, 1779

Buffalo Valley, Union County, Pennsylvania

Married - Unknown


Died - January 24, 1871   

 Bloom Township. Fairfield County, Ohio

Aged - 91 Years, 6 Months and 18 Days

Burial -Glick - Brick Church, Hoy Cemetery

 Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Find A Grave Memorial # 29926133



Photograph Courtesy of the Karen (McLean) (Wolfe) Caswell  Website



Fun Facts about Daniel J. Hoy:


At the time of his daughter Sarah's Wedding to Samuel Rigal, January 1, 1828,

Daniel was the oldest settler Fairfield County.

Daniel Hoy took out two quarter sections of land in Section 20 and erected thereon a log

cabin. About 1816 he erected his brick house with bricks that were burned within a stone's

 throw of the house. The house is still standing [1976] and is occupied by his descendants.


Daniel Hoy was a large powerful man. At different times he returned to Pennsylvania with his team and hauled things back to his community. On one of these trips another man with his team was hogging the road going over a mountain and refused to allow him to pass. Daniel Hoy soon had enough of that, and getting out of his wagon, he took the other wagon by the boom pole and upset it down over the side of the mountain.


 On another occasion, at a log rolling, four men were trying to put a big log onto a refuse pile for burning, but were having a hard time doing it. Daniel Hoy brushed the men aside and by himself he put the log onto the pile. The early settlers burned much that would be considered good timber today. It has been said that Daniel Hoy drove the first stage coach between Lancaster and Columbus.

 In 1807 Daniel Hoy, Philip Hoy and Peter Woodring gave eight acres of land for church and cemetery purposes, and a log church of the Lutheran denomination was erected there. It is now occupied by the Evangelical Association and is known as the Hoy Memorial Church.




Daniel Hoy

Father Daniel Hoy died January 24, 1871, near Lithopolis, Ohio at the advanced age of 91 years, 6 months and 18 days. In 1779 he was born in Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania, and in 1806 emigrated to Fairfield County, Ohio, where he was among the first settlers and the last survivor of them. His wife preceded him in death some seven years.

He leaves four of nine children; also 52 grandchildren and 108 great-grandchildren. He was a Brother-in-law of Reverend John Dreisbach, and Father-in-law of Bishop Long, and Grandfather of Reverend S. Hoy, of the Ohio Conference. He was affiliated with our church over 55 years and was also one of the first in the state of Ohio. His home was opened to our first preachers, when homes were yet rare and friends but few. Most all of our preachers since that time have enjoyed an exceptional lodging place at their home. His last years were spent in the family of his son Isaac on the old homestead where he was cared for in great tenderness and love.

He was a strong Christian, diligent, peaceable, contented; a loyal citizen, and peace loving neighbor, a generous giver to the cause of Christ, a devoted husband and father. In short, he was a pious man, honored by all who knew him. This was made evident by the large and respectful funeral procession, in spite of the almost impassable roads and the severe cold.

His religious influence is revealed in the fact that all his grown up children belonged to our church, and those yet living are still members. Also, various grandchildren belong.

The writer held the funeral in the Lutheran church near his home and his remains were laid to rest at that place. Sometime I expect to see him in Heaven.

-Reverend Wm. Whittington

Obituary from the

 Der Evangelishche Botschafter

1871, p.51.

Translated for Orville Hoy by Rev. Roy S. Leedy

Courtesy of Mrs. Louise (Upp) Baden



Wife - Mary Magdalena (Eyer) Hoy

Molly Hoy

Born - February 15, 1779 

 Dry Valley, Union County, Pennsylvania

Died - October 29, 1863 

 Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Aged - 84 Years,  8 Months, 14 Days

Burial -Glick - Brick Church, Hoy Cemetery

 Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Find A Grave Memorial # 29906002


Per an excerpt for Daniel's wife Molly's obituary:

 She died on Oct 29 1863

at age 84 years, 8 months, 14 days,

Molly was a member of the Evangelical Association for over 50 yrs. 

Her husband, 6 children, 49 grandchildren and 64 great grandchildren remain.


Molly's Father - Reverend Abraham Eyer

Born - May 16, 1748

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Married - May 1770

Died - October 30, 1823

Dry Valley of Buffalo Valley,

Union County, Pennsylvania

Buried - Eyers Old Winfield Cemetery

Winfield, Union County, Pennsylvania


Molly's Mother - Catharina Elizabeth (Greybill) Eyer

Born - October 15, 1752

Dry Valley of Buffalo Valley,

Union County, Pennsylvania

Died - September 22, 1805

Dry Valley of Buffalo Valley,

Union County, Pennsylvania

Buried - Eyers Old Winfield Cemetery

Winfield, Union County, Pennsylvania


Note: Molly (Eyer) Hoy is the sister of Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Eyer) Hoy, Wife of Philip Penn Hoy.



Fun Facts About Molly Hoy:


Molly was a famous doctor in her day. She was especially known for her kindness of heart. When that region was still sparsely settled she would go many miles through the darkness of the night to visit the sick and relieve the suffering. She usually rode horseback and carried her medicines in a pack saddle. Sometimes people came for her in the dead of night and she would be gone for days at a time, usually until the patient either recovered or passed on. The entire side of one of the rooms in the house was lined with shelves which were filled with bottles of medicine. These bottles were all of the early hand made variety of various shapes and sizes and colors. She gathered herbs in the fields and made her own medicines, the base of much of which was whiskey. She had a Balm of Gilead tree growing in front of the house, and some of her sage bushes are still growing at the side of the house. Much of the old fashioned medicines were strong and probably did almost as much harm as good. But it was a saying in the neighborhood that no one could heal like Granny Hoy.

In her later hears Granny Hoy, as many old ladies used to do, wore a little white cap perched on the back of her head. When she washed them she usually laid them out on the grass to dry. One time when she went out after them they were not to be found. After a prolonged search it turned out that the jay birds had carried them off and built them into their nest.


The first sermon of the Evangelical Association in the State of Ohio was preached by Fred Showers, a missionary from Pennsylvania, in the new brick home of Molly and Daniel Hoy, in the spring of 1816. Molly Hoy and her sister Lizzie Hoy (Wife of Phillip Hoy), were converted at that time and became the first members of the Evangelical Association in Ohio. Daniel Hoy's parents were among the chief supporters of Jacob Albright, the founder of the church, back in Pennsylvania. Daniel Hoy's was the first preaching place of the Lancaster Circuit, and the first class was organized there the following year. Both Daniel and Philip Hoy became members at that time. Daniel Hoy's was especially noted for general and camp-meetings. The first camp-meeting of the circuit was held there in 1822. Some [think] that the brick house was built later than 1816 and that the first sermon was therefore preached in the log house. But members of the family recall that some of the men came to the service with tobacco in their mouths. Having no place to spit, they spit their tobacco juice upon the new white plaster walls, which ran down and looked awful. And that greatly angered Molly Hoy. From this story it does not leave much doubt that the first sermon was preached in the brick house.


Exerts Taken From

  "A History of the Wolfe Family"

Page 19 & 20, by Herbert M. Turner



Son - George Hoy

Born - December 10, 1798

Wife - Susannah (Stump) Hoy


Daughter - Sarah (Hoy) Rigal

Born - May 11, 1803

Husband - Samuel Rigal


Daughter - Catharine (Hoy) Long

Born - May 23, 1804

Union County, Pennsylvania

Married - January 10, 1826

 Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - May12, 1869

Forreston, Ogle County, Illinois

Buried - White Oak Cemetery

Forreston, Ogle County, Illinois

Husband - Bishop Joseph C. Long

Born - October 21, 1800

Swatara Creek Pennsylvania

 Died - 23 June 23, 1869. Illinois

Buried - White Oak Cemetery

Forreston, Ogle County, Illinois

*Note:  On their way to Ohio in 1806,

Catharine fell from

 the wagon which passed

over her head and nearly killed her


Son - Daniel Hoy

Born - About 1805

Died - About 1805

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio


Son - David Hoy

Born - March 7, 1808

Wife - Hannah (Ritter) Hoy


Daughter - Mary (Hoy) Click/Glick

Born - About 1809/1810

Married - June 28, 1828

Mary Hoy married Charles Glick at her fathers

Daniel Hoy's home in Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - 1886

Columbus, Ohio


Excerpt from the Obituary of Mary Click/Glick

4 children remain;

 husband, 2 children dead

. "She was a sister to Catharine (Hoy) Long, Wife of Bishop Joseph Long.

and a niece to the wife of father [father of the church, not blood relative] John DREISBACH."


Husband - Charles  Click/Glick

Born - August 31,  1803, Pennsylvania

Died - September 22,  1874

Franklin County, Ohio

Buried - Smith Union Cemetery

Plain Township, Franklin County, Ohio

Father - John Click/Glick

Note: Between Charles and John Click (his father) is an illegible stone, who is probably Mary.

Source: Louise Baden


Son - Ephram Click

Born - October 1833

Married - March 20, 1856

Wife - Evaline Elsey

Born - 1838

Madison County, Ohio

Died - June 1902

Children of Ephram & Evaline Hoy

Daughter - Elva Evaline Hoy

Born - 1857

Son - Charles Hoy

Born - 1858

Daughter - Mary F. Hoy

Born - 1860

Son - Mark Hoy

Born - 1862

Son - Victor Hoy

Born - 1864


Note From Louis Baden: In the 1880 Census, the last 3 Children are called

Ella (Born 1861) Hercules (Born - 1862) and Victor (Born - 1865).

The 1900 Census, has Ephram Klick Still in Plain Township, Born Oct. 1833

residing with Hercules, age 35.


Daughter - Mary A. Click

Born - January 23, 1836

Plain Township, Franklin County, Ohio

Died - February 16, 1919

Columbus, Ohio

Husband - Philip A. Schneider

Born - 1836 - Pennsylvania

Children of Philip & Mary A. Schneider

Son - Charles P. Schneider

Born - 1857

Daughter - Emma Barbara Schneider

Born - January 1862

Married - 1880

Died - March 1939

Columbus, Ohio

Husband - Adam Gantz Innis


Son - Isaac Click/Glick

Born - 1837 - 1839 - Ohio

Wife - Anna Uln

Born - 1834 - Ohio

Children of Isaac & Anna Click/Glick

Daughter - Mina Click/Glick

Born - 1863 - Ohio

Son - Waif Click/Glick

Born - 1869

Note From Louis Baden: Death Records in Probate office Franklin County, Ohio

have an Isaac Click as died in 1879, so this may be him.


Daughter - Catherine Click/Glick

Born - 1847



Note: Their daughter Mary A. Glick married (I believe) Peter Schneider,

 and their daughter, Emma B. Schneider married Adam Innis.


I have an old Bible with this in the front inside cover:


"This Bible originally belonged to JOHN GLICK, after whose death it was given to his son,

CHARLES GLICK, and after his death it was given to his daughter,

MARY A. (GLICK) SCHNEIDER, after her death it was given to

EMMA B. (SCHNEIDER) INNIS, her daughter"


The Bible is written in German.


Emma B. (Schneider) Innis was my husband's grandmother

Emma B. Schneider married Adam Gantz Innis in about 1883-84.

They lived in Columbus, Franklin Co. Ohio.. They had 9 children including the youngest child,

Mary Laura Innis.

Additional Family Information Provided by

Mrs. Betty Lynch, Wife of Patrick Robert Lynch, Sr.

son of Donald Robert and Mary Laura (Innis) Lynch. January 11, 2010.



Son - Isaac Hoy Sr.

Born - May 14, 1814

Wife - Mary or Polly (Harman) Hoy


Son - Abraham Hoy

Born - 1816

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - August 6, 1835

Burial - Glick - Brick Church, Hoy Cemetery

Bloom Township, Fairfield, Ohio


Daughter - Frances (Hoy) Ritter

Born - 1818

Husband - Joseph Ritter


Father - Johann Philip Hoy

(Philip Hoy )

Wife - Barbara Hoy


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