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William Ellsworth Hoy

"Dummy Hoy"

Born - May 23,1862

Houckstown, Hancock County, Ohio

Occupations - Shoemaker, Farmer (Milking Cows),

Major League Baseball Player, Farmer

Wife -Anna Maria (Lowery) Hoy

Married - October 26, 1898

Marriage  took place at the Children' Home

in Cincinnati, Ohio, Where Anna Grew Up

Died - December 15, 1961

Cincinnati, Ohio

Burial - His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered in Lytle Park located on Fourth Street in Cincinnati



The Father of Baseball Sign Language



Photograph Courtesy of Daniel Haas



W. E. Hoy - Position - Center Field


Team - 1887 Oshkosh Baseball Club





And Pictured Below Are the Rest of the 1887 Oshkosh Team



John Doran

Third Base

P. H. O'Connell

First Base

James Burns

  Left Field

G. H. Krock


Edward Gastfield


W. D. Burdick



Joe Wilson



Thos. Lovett



Frank G. Seele



Tom McCarthy

Right Field


Taylor Shafer

Second Base


Dan Shannon

Capt. and S.S.


W. E. Hoy

Center Field


Con Murphy



James Cooney

 Short Stop




1888 - Washington Ball Club



                       1.Mack     5. Gardner      9. Donnelly           13. Whitney

                         2. Irvin     6. Wilmot      10. Hoy                  14. O'Brien

                         3. O'Day   7. Deasley     11. Howell - Mgr.    15. Gilmore

                         4. Daily     8. Murray     12. Shock                16. Myers



1904 - Los Angels Ball Club

Pacific Coast League



Corbett    Gray    Newton     Hurlbert

 Dillon     Spies     Hall      Drinkwater

Center - Jas F. Morley - Manager

Wheeler     Toman

Smith     Ross     Hoy    Cravath




Last Known Photograph Taken of "William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy




Photo of Steve Sandy Showing off his

Ohio License Plate



All Baseball Photographs Courtesy of Steve Sandy - William Ellsworth Hoy Family Historian



Brother - Lyman Franklin Hoy

Born - September 27, 1853

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

Wife - Ella (Treece) Hoy


Brother - John Freeman Hoy

Born - December 11, 1855

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

First Wife - Malissie E. (Hays) Hoy

2nd Wife - Eliza Samaria (Miller) Hoy


Brother - Smith Hoffman Hoy

Born - August 1858 /1859

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

Wife - Saloma Ellen (Ella) Hoy - 1863


Sister - Ora Ella (Hoy) Helms

Born - June 24, 1866

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

Husband - Rev. Elmer Ellsworth Helms



Father - Jacob Hoy

Mother - Rebecca (Hoffman) Hoy



Grandfather - Phillip Penn Hoy

Grandmother - Elizabeth (Eyer) Hoy

Lizzie Hoy 



Great - Grandfather Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

Great - Grandmother - Barbara Hoy


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