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Carle Hey

 Born – 1669 Oldenburg, Germany   –   Died - 1729 Germany –

Title – Burger of Winden,

Buried – July 2, 1729 - Winden, Germersheim, Bayern, Germany.

I believe Bernhard, Albrecht, and Phillip's Grandfather, Carle Hey, was born in 1669. He died in Germany per his death record which stated he was age 60 when he died in 1729. The Carle Hey could have been from the Huguenot Family de la Haye.

 JOHANN CARLE HEY - He married MARIA EVA SCHAURER, daughter of Peter Schauer, Master Weaver of Rohrbach, Germany, on 17 February 1733, per Evangelical Kirche records. The marriage record stated that Carl was the surviving son of Carle Hey, Burger of Winden, who was deceased. Carl and Maria Eva Hey had several children, some of whom died at an early age. On 10 December 1750, per “Emigration Out of Rhineland, Pfalz, and Saarland” by Werner Hacker, Carl Hey received permission to leave Rohrbach. According to records, Carl, Maria Eva and six children emigrated. The trip from Rohrbach to the new country took several months, depending upon the delays sailing up the Rhine River (many customs inspections along the way), waiting to board a ship at Rotterdam for England, and for departure of the ship to America. Crossing the Atlantic could be very difficult with strong winds, crowed and unsanitary conditions. Carl Hey and his family arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 25 September 1751 on the “Phoenix” eventually settling in Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

When the “Phoenix” arrived in Philadelphia, PA., usually only heads of households and children over the age of 16 were named and listed in the passenger lists. Carl and son, Albert, were listed. Of the six children that reportedly left Rohrbach, Germany, we know of only three sons, Phillip, Albert and Bernhard, who lived to maturity. The last child, Mary Elizabeth Hoy, was born in Pennsylvania.

Carl Hoy of Tulpehocken Twp., Berks County, PA, was naturalized on 1 April 1764 per the “Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. II – Page 386, and took Oath of Allegiance in 1778. Vol. 18, 3rd Series, “Pennsylvania Archives” listed names of inhabitants in Tulpehocken Twp., Pennsylvania.

This exert taken from "Descendants of Bernhard Hoy" – (1743 – circa 1810)

By:  Eva (Hoy) Haelen, ( My Aunt!!)

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