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Rohrs Family

Edna Barbara (Rohrs) Eltiste

& Her Children


Leonard Eltiste Mary Eltiste Dale Eltiste Edna Barbara Eltiste Vernon Eltiste




Family Mystery

Harry Eltiste told his Brother Paul that he wanted to cut down the two cedar trees in the front yard of the Stone House.  Harry wanted to see the road better.

Paul Said "You won't cut down those trees while I am Alive.

My twin sons are buried there,

I planted those trees to mark their graves."

As has been said, The twins were premature, and were stillborn.



Edna Barbara (Rohrs) Eltiste

Born - Monday, June 11, 1888

Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska

Married - Thursday, August 15, 1912

Parsonage of Avenue Methodist Church

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - Thursday, December 24, 1931

Family Home North of Overton

Dawson County, Nebraska

Buried - Sheridan Cemetery

Section-5    Lot- 272   Row-3

Auburn, Nemaha County. Nebraska


Son - Vernon Herman Eltiste

Born - Tuesday, May 26, 1914

Son - Leonard Paul Eltiste

Born - Tuesday, March 28, 1916

Daughter - Mary Barbara Eltiste

Born - Friday, March 28, 1919

Son Willis Dale Eltiste

Born - Saturday, September 24, 1921

Son - Gordon Bruce Eltiste

Born - Friday, June 6, 1924



Father - Frederick Henry Rohrs

Fred Rohrs

Mother - Minnie (Kirlin) Rohrs




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