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Rohrs Family

Johan Herman Heinrich Friedrick

Peter Rohrs

Fred Rohrs

Born - November 5,1865

Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio

Married - February 2, 1902

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - February 22,1931

Peru, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Sheridan Cemetery

Section 5 - Row 3

Auburn, Nemaha County. Nebraska


Fred Rohrs Esther Lee (Rohrs) Brewer Pearl (Miner) Rohrs Pauline (Rohrs) Frazee Kathryne Rohrs


Esther Lee, Fred, Pearl, Pauline, & Kathryne Rohrs




Rohrs - Miner

On Sunday evening February 2, at the Lutheran parsonage, Mr. Fred H. Rohrs and Miss Pearl M. Miner, both of this city were united in marriage by Rev. W. Dieffenbach.

The groom is a popular young man well known in this city and county and is at present our deputy sheriff. The bride is an estimable young lady, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Miner of this city and is well and favorably known in Auburn and vicinity. The good wishes of The Herald follow them.

Nemaha County Herald


February 7, 1902





Deputy Sheriff Rohrs

Deputy Sheriff Rohrs was made the subject of a practical joke while returning Lon Adams to the asylum. Lon fell in with a German farmer whom he succeeded in convincing that he was a son of Mr. Rohrs, who was determined to take him to Lincoln and make a dude of him, while he loved the farm where he had always worked and did not want to go to the city. he was anxious to work for the farmer and would work for $15.00 and if he did not shuck 60 bushels of corn every day in the month he would work for nothing. And then the honest farmer importuned the erring "father" and begged that he e allowed to take the boy to the cornfield that he might become a man instead of a dude.

The Granger

October 17, 1905





Election Returns

Nemaha County


Rohrs ~ Republican...........................1660

Rowan ~ Democrat .............................968

Graves ~ Populist...................................71

The Granger

November 14, 1905





Election Returns

Nemaha County


Rohrs ~ Republican...........................1710

Jones ~ Democrat .............................1043

The Granger

November 12, 1907





Rohrs For Sheriff

While Fred H. Rohrs is again a candidate for the office of County Sheriff, he feels that his administration of the affairs of this office are such as to commend him to the voters of the county and their suffrage. He was a candidate at the primaries against two other strong men and the majority of the voters of his party expressed their confidence in him and his abilities as an officer and a man.

During the years that he has been in the service of the county he has gained a great deal of experience that is useful and which makes his administration of peculiar value. He has been a resident of the county for many years and is exceedingly popular with a large class of our citizens. Mr. Rohrs is a man who does not know what physical fear is and in any tight place he would give a good account of himself. His record as sheriff of the county is an open book to the people and there is no doubt that on election day the question of his fitness and ability will confront the voter in such a way that the majority of them will ratify the action of the republican voters at the primary and that he will get a good and substantial majority.

Nemaha County Republican

October 22, 1909





Fred Rohrs

Candidate For Sheriff

Fred Rohrs, candidate for sheriff is not letting any grass grow under his feet these days. He is working hard and is getting considerable encouragement from democrats as well as republicans. He was the choice of the voters at the primaries and the majority that he got shows that he has gained the public confidence and that there is a tendency to continue him in office. The republican county ticket is a strong one and his appearance on the ballot will be a matter of added strength.

 Mr. Rohrs has occupied the office of sheriff of the county two terms already, has been a police officer in Auburn for many years. His experience, then, is a very wide one and it makes him a man of great efficiency in the office of sheriff. We feel that it is practically a sure thing that he will be elected to the office that he seeks for a third time and that he will discharge the duties of the place in a most creditable manor.

Vote for him for sheriff.

Nemaha County Republican

October 29, 1909




2nd Wife - Pearl  Mary (Miner) Rohrs

Born - July 1, 1883 ~Wisconsin

Died - June 26, 1976

Claremont, Los Angels County, California

Cremated - Pomona, Los Angels County, California

Father - Henry L. Miner

Mother - Ellen (Grant) Miner



Daughter - Ellen (Rohrs) Hill

Born - September 29, 1902

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Mary Lenore  (Rohrs) Black

Born - December 8, 1904

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Pauline M. (Rohrs) Frazee

Born - January 4, 1907

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Kathryn Rohrs

Born - January 4, 1908

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Louise (Rohrs) O'Connor

Born - November 11, 1910

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Veteran World War IISon - Fredrick Harry Rohrs

Born - December 4, 1914

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Esther Lee (Rohrs) Brewer

Born - August 3, 1925

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska



1stWife - Ninnie (Kirlin) Rohrs

First Name May Be -Minnie, Nanette, or Nina

Last Name Maybe Spelled Cerlin Curlyn or Kerlin

Born -1868  ۩ Died -1895

Buried - Sheridan Cemetery

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska



Father - John Henry Rohrs

Mother - Mary (Schroeder) Rohrs




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