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Russell Allen Eltiste Jr.


Russell Allen Eltiste Jr.


Russell Allen Eltiste Jr.

Born  - June 14,1970



Russell Eltiste Jr. Has

First Birthday

A basket dinner was enjoyed Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Eltiste, honoring their son, Russell Jr., on his first birthday, which was June 14.

Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Orval Behrends and Joyce and H. A. Eltiste, Johnson; Eldon Behrends, Tucson, Arizona; Mr. and Mrs. Gary Durman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Eltiste, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eltiste and boys, Mr. and Mrs. William Koehler and family, Tecumseh; Minnie Scholl, Humboldt; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Behrends and girls, A. W. Behrends, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Behrends and Corla, Auburn.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Eltiste of Overton were Saturday afternoon guests at the Eltiste Home.


Nemaha County Herald

June 18, 1971




Wife - Chris Eltiste


Step-Daughter - Taylor Dudley

Daughter - Courtney Eltiste

Daughter - Mackenzie Eltiste





Sister - Nicole Ane Louise (Eltiste) Straka



Father - Russell Allen Eltiste

Mother - Carolyn Louise (Behrends) Eltiste


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