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Kaiser Family

Veteran World War I

August Kaiser

Born - February 19, 1891

Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas

Baptized - 1891  ۩ Confirmed - 1905

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Never Married

Veteran World War 1

Private - Company E-20 Infantry

Died - December 18, 1918

Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas

Buried - Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas


Signature from World War I Draft Registration



Herman Kaiser August Kaiser

Herman and August Kaiser



Camp Funston

Camp Funston is located on Ft. Riley, and is located southwest of Manhattan, Kansas. The camp was named for Brigadier General Frederick Funston (18651917). Camp Funston was one of sixteen Divisional Cantonment Training Camps established at the outbreak of World War I. Construction began during the summer of 1917 and eventually encompassed approximately 1,400 buildings on 2,000 acres.

During World War I, nearly 50,000 recruits trained at the camp, commanded by Major General Leonard Wood. Notable units who received training at Camp Funston include the 89th Division, which was deployed to France in the spring of 1918, the 10th Division and black soldiers assigned to the 92nd Division.

In March of 1918, the first recorded cases of what came to be the world-wide influenza epidemic, also known as "Spanish Flu", were reported at Camp Funston.

August Kaiser died from this outbreak of influenza.



Brother - Henry Christian Kaiser


Brother - Christian Adam Kaiser

Brother - John Henry Kaiser

Brother - August Kaiser

Born - October 7, 1882  ۩ Died - January 25, 1889


Brother - Henry Frederich Kaiser

Sister - Katharina Christine (Kaiser) Muller

Brother - Hermann Heinrich Paul Kaiser


Father - August Heinrich Kaiser

Mother - Anna Katharine (Eltiste) Kaiser





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