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Lightning Bugs

Written by Kay Bailey, daughter of John (Jake) Kaiser and Loretta (Achatz) Kaiser

I remember when I was a kid my Dad would catch lightning bugs. He'd make me rings & bracelets out of them. The time I remember most was at a roadside park between Great Bend and Ellinwood, KS - Fort Zarah.

Mom and Dad like to load me; my sister Ann and my brother Jim up in -always- a Ford station wagon and cook out dinner somewhere. Could have been the river, a roadside park next to the "Deepest Hand-dug Well in Kansas" or just a fishing hole my Dad found


When we think about having a cookout today its BBQ'd hamburgers & hot dogs. Not at our outings, Mom would 'cook' on a green Coleman cook-stove pork chops, boiled potatoes w/ the jackets, green beans and of course bread and butter. All served on and from a Coleman camping dishes & pots set, the kind that all stack together into one pot with a handle and lid. It really didn't matter what she cooked - It all tasted SO GOOD.

Poems for My Mother II ~ By Ann P. Kaiser

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