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Ben & Alison's Wedding Photo's

Married - October 3, 2008

Reception At the Livestock Exchange

North Ball Room

Omaha, Nebraska


The Hoy Kids - Relaxing After the Ceremony

 Christian Hoy - In Charge of Programs and Bubbles

Coleson & Brynna Hoy - Ring Bearer & Flower Girl


Ben & Alison - Welcoming Everyone to Their Reception


Maid of Honor, Michaela Wilcox - Cousin of the Bride

Giving her Congratulation Speech


Best Man - Brandon Hoy - Brother of the Groom

Giving his Congratulation Speech


Ben & Alison - Posing With Their Wedding Cake


Coleson & Great Grandma Jane


Alison, Ben & Kadin


Brynna Avery Hoy - The Flower Girl


Coleson - Dancing The Night Away


Alison &  Grandma Jane


Ben, Grandma Jane & Alison Hoy


Proud Mother of the Groom - Cindy Berkland

with Uncle Kurt and Aunt Linda


Grandma Hoy with 3 of her Great-Grandchildren

Kadin, Brynna and Christian

(It was getting late and Brynna was getting a little grumpy)


Aunt Teri and Uncle Roger Enjoying a Slow Dance


Rose Briley with her two children, Adam and  Crystal.


Brandon & Mandi Hoy getting ready to go home with their two children,

Coleson & Brynna

Look how happy she looks now that daddy is holding her.....

The Last Photo of the Night (Maybe That's Why its a little Fuzzy...)





"Making Memories of Us"

By: Keith Urban





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