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Johann Philip Hoy

(Philip Hoy)

Born - November 8, 1742

 Rohrbach, Pfalzland, Bavaria, Germany


Note: It is rumored that Philip's real parents died on board the
ship to America and Carle raised Philip as his own.

Philip was about 6 yrs old
when he arrived in America!

SOURCE: Jon Allen Hoy Chart 1B


Married - 1764

 Lebanon, Union County, Pennsylvania


Philip signed a will on April 20, 1809 in Bloom Township, Fairfield, Ohio, United States.

Source: The Will of Philip Hoy, per The Karen McLean Website

(I personally have not seen a copy of Philip's Will. Kathy)


Philip emigrated to Fairfield County, Ohio in 1806.

Source: A History of the Wolfe Family, by Herbert M. Turner


Died - September 1809

 Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio



Wife - Barbara Hoy

Born - 1751

Lewisburg, Union County, Pennsylvania

Barbara might have died in Pennsylvania,

before Phillip Hoy moved to Ohio



To This Union 6 Children Were Born



Fun Fact About Johann Philip Hoy:

Philip Hoy was one of the earliest settler's in Buffalo Valley, Union County, Pennsylvania. His House is was one of the early preaching places of Jacob Albright, the founder of the Evangelical Association.

- SOURCE: A History of the Wolfe Family, by Herbert M. Turner -


Daughter - Barbara (Hoy) Rearick

Born - 1765 - Pennsylvania

Husband - Anthony Rearick

 Son - John Adam Hoy

Born - August 2, 1767

Wife - Barbara Hoy


Daughter - Eva Elizabeth (Hoy) Manbeck

Born - July 24, 1769

Husband - John Manbeck


Son - Philip Penn Hoy

Born - July 23, 1770

Wife - Elizabeth (Eyer) Hoy

(Lizzie Hoy)


Son - Daniel J. Hoy

Born - July 6, 1779

Wife - Mary Magdalena (Eyer) Hoy

(Molly Hoy)


Daughter -  Margaret (Hoy) Kramer

Born - About 1780

Union County, Pennsylvania

Died - Unknown

Husband - Ludwig Kramer

No children were born to this union



Father - Johann Carle Hoy

Mother - Maria Eva (Schaurer) Hoy



Grandfather - Carl Hey

Grandmother - Unknown Hoy



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