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Kathy Jean (Hoy) Eltiste

Born -May 10, 1958

Lyons, New York

Married -February 14, 1986

Kathy's Parents Home,

Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska




Photo Taken February 24, 1962






If you look closely enough at the Television Set

You can see A Horse and Rider

with Two People on the front porch of

what looks like an Old Bunk House in the background

One of My Favorite Television Shows around this time frame was the

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Show,

and I believe that was the show on the screen when this photo was taken.....

The show originally aired from 1951 - 1957, so I guess I started

my bad habit of watching old reruns at a very young age.....

Oh, and by the way, this is a bad habit I share with my dad.....

 Awh Memories!!!!!



Music - A Strange Little Version


Happy Trails....



Husband -John Dale Eltiste

Born November 23, 1949

Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska



Brother - Dennis Avery Hoy

Born - July 2, 1947


Sister - Marleigh Ann Hoy

Born - September 29, 1952



Father - Daniel Lewis Hoy

Mother - Bertha Jane (Hermenet) Hoy



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