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Philip Hoy

Born - July 11, 1792

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Veteran of the War of 1812

Married - November 23, 1821

Died - November 19, 1879

Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

Buried - Amanda Siddall Cemetery

Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio



Timeline - 1850 Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

Philip & Talitha are living with all of their children except,

Calista, Plus an elderly couple, John & Miriam Thomas.

It is believed that Miriam is Talitha's mother and that John is her Step-Father.


1860 Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

Philip & Talitha are living with Harrison and their Grandson

William Ramsey.


1870 Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

Philip and Talitha are living with their daughter Mary Ann

and Talitha's "brother" Nattie Thomas


On the May 19, 1870 Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio Census

 Harrison Hoy (33) is living with his wife, Mary J., (30)

and a John Hammond (19), all born in Ohio.


1880 Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

Talitha is 81 years old, Widowed and living alone, but.

 Next door to her son and daughter-in-law, James Thomas& Euphemia Hoy



An Excerpt from "A Centennial Biographical  History of Hancock County, Ohio"

By Lewis Publishing Company, Lewis Publishing Company

Contributor Lewis Publishing Company

Published by Lewis publishing company, 1903

Original from the New York Public Library


Philip Hoy


The story of Philip Hoy, founder of that family in Hancock County, is interesting because

it is so typical of the early pioneer period. Born in Pennsylvania in1793, he made his way

to Kentucky at a time when the "dark and bloody ground" was still unsettled in its

government and not the most desirable place for peaceful pursuits. About the end of

the first quarter of the nineteenth century Philip Hoy crossed the river to Cincinnati,

later went to Columbus and from there to Fairfield county, finally winding up in

Hancock county in 1834. During all his wonderings Philip was accompanied by

his faithful wife Talitha, who was born in 1798 and shared her husbands fortunes

for weal or woe for more than sixty years. Philip Hoy entered one hundred and

twenty acres of land in what is now Amanda township, erected a crude log cabin

after the universal custom of those times and moved in with his family. At this stage

of the game, Philip made an inventory of his resources and found he had just fifty

cents with which to begin his life in the new county. But, as a matter of fact, the

lack of money was little regarded by the pioneers, who lived principally upon  game

and fish until they could realize something from their crops. Thus, though their may

not be a cent of actual money about the house for a year, there would be an

abundance of excellent food and comfortable though coarse material for clothing.

By dint of the usual digging and hacking Philip Hoy finally brought his farm into

fair shape and improved into circumstances as the years went by. He was very

religious in his temperament and became a minister of the United Brethren church,

in which capacity he was instrumental in building and keeping alive several churches

for use of pioneer preachers. In other respects, Philip Hoy became a man of

influence in his community, holding some of the important township offices and

enjoying prestige as a soldier of the War of 1812. He passed away in 1879, in

the eighty-eighth year of his age, and five years later was followed to the grave

by his faithful widow. This worthy couple became the parents of eight children:

Calista Ramsey, Mary A. Clapper, James T., John H., Lewis H.,

Daniel, Wilson, and Sarah.


Wife - Talitha (Deford) Hoy

Born -  August 24, 1798 - Maryland

Died - February 8,  1884

Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

Buried - Amanda Siddall Cemetery

Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

To This Union 8 Children Were Born



Daughter - Calista (Hoy) Ramsey

Born - January 11, 1822

 Fairfield County, Ohio

Husband - James Ramsey


Daughter - Mary Ann (Hoy) Clapper 

Born - December 25, 1827

Fairfield County, Ohio

Married - February 11, 1855

Hancock County, Ohio

Died - July 26, 1877

Hancock County, Ohio

Husband - George Clapper


Son - James Thomas Hoy

Born - April 19, 1829

Fairfield County, Ohio

Wife - Euphemia (Bennett) Hoy


Son - John H. Hoy

Born - February 22, 1834

Hancock County, Ohio

Died - August 18, 1905

Toledo, Ohio

1st Wife - Sarah Jane (Hudson) Hoy

1st Marriage - June 23, 1857


2nd Wife - Martha (Hodges) Hoy

2nd Marriage - February 20, 1868

Elkhart, Indiana

Born - April 3, 1840 - Ohio

Died - July 25, 1905

South Bend, Indiana


Son - Lewis "Harrison" Hoy

Born - September 14, 1836

Amanda, Hancock County, Ohio

Married - April 22, 1863

Hancock County, Ohio

Died - December 27, 1928

Hancock County, Ohio

Wife - Mary Jane (Missamore) Hoy

Born - December 29, 1838

Hancock County, Ohio

Died - January 14, 1909

Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 


Son - Daniel Hoy

Born - 1838


Son - Wilson Hoy

Born - 1840


Sister - Sarah Hoy

Born - 1842

Hancock County, Ohio

Died - Prior to 1903

Married - November 3, 1861

Husband - James T. Forster



Father - John Adam Hoy

Mother - Barbara Hoy



Grandfather - Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

(Phillip Hoy )

Great - Grandmother - Barbara Hoy



Great  Grandfather - Johann Carl (Heu) Hoy

Great - Great Grandmother - Maria Eva (Schaurer) Hoy


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