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Totman Tent Show's






 Milton Charles Totman

Born - February 18, 1894



Martha Gertrude (Hoy) Totman

Born - November 1, 1903





Totman Tent Show's

In the late 20's and 30's, Milton and Martha (Hoy) Totman ran a

 "Tent Show."

They played very small town's up and down the east coast. They wintered in Bradenton, Florida, which was the winter home of the infamous

 "Barnum & Bailey Circus".

The show was made up of a two or three reel movie, and then followed up by  a magic act by Milton Totman, with his wife Martha as his assistant.

Between movie reel's, Martha would go into the audience and sell

Cracker Jacks for a nickel with  "A Big Prize in Every Box." In the first few boxes sold, somebody would get a BETTER than usual prize,  so that more people would buy them.

After the show, my sister Winnie and I,  if we were visiting, would go up and down the chairs and look for lost coin's. Sometimes we would find a few pennies.

After they closed down the show, Milton and Martha ran a Movie Theater in Harrisville, New York, before they retired to Oneida Lake, where they rented out cottages.


Penned by Milton & Martha's Nephew - Danny Hoy  





Milton's Father - Delos Totman

Milton's Mother - Martha (Foster) Totman



Martha's Father - Daniel Franklin Hoy

Martha's Mother - Sarah Catherine (Kissinger) Hoy



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