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Ulysses S. Grant

Hiram Ulysses Grant

18th President of the United States of America

 (March 4, 1869 - March 4, 1877)

(Willard Grant was the 5th cousin of Ulysses S, Grant twice removed)

It is frequently said that Grant's middle name was "Simpson." It was not.

His middle name was "Ulysses" and he admitted that the "S" in his name stood for nothing.

In 1839, Jesse Grant secured for his son an appointment to the U. S. Military Academy. When he arrived at West Point he learned that he was on the muster roll as Ulysses Simpson Grant, through an error of the congressman who had nominated him. Finding it impossible to change this official listing, Grant accepted the inevitable and dropped Hiram from his name. ...

Ulysses S. Grant President of The Unitrd States

Born - April 27, 1822

 Point Pleasant, Clermont County, Ohio

Married - August 22, 1848

Staint Louis, Missouri

Died - July 23, 1885  ~ 8:06 A.M.

Mount McGregor, New York

Burial - General Grant National Memorial

Manhattan Island, New York City, New York



Julia Boggs (Dent) Grant

Wife - Julia Boggs (Dent) Grant

Born - January 26, 1826

White Haven Plantation

West of St. Louis, Missouri

Died - December 14, 1902

Washington, District of Columbia

Burial - General Grant

National Memorial

Manhattan Island, New York City, New York



Son - Frederick Dent Grant

Major General

Born - May 30, 1850

Saint Louis, Missouri

Died - April 12, 1912

Buried - West Point
Orange County, New York
Section 26  Row D   Grave 39

Frederick Dent Grant



Ulysses Simpson Grant Jr.

Son - Ulysses Simpson Grant Jr.

Born - July 22, 1852

Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio

Died - September 25, 1928

San Diego, San Diego County, California

"Buck" Grant



Daughter - Ellen "Nellie" Wrenshall (Grant) Sartoris Jones

Born - July 4, 1855

Wish Ton Wish, (Near)

St. Louis, Missouri

Died - August 30, 1922

Nellie Wrenshall Grant




Jesse Root Grant

Son - Jesse Root Grant

Born - February 6, 1858

Hardscrabble, (Near)

Saint Louis, Missouri

Died - June 8, 1934

Los Altos, California



Father - Jesse Root Grant

Born - January 23, 1794 

Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Married - June 24, 1821

Point Pleasant, Ohio

Died - June 29, 1873

Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky

Jesse Root Grant



Hannah Simpson Grant

Mother - Hannah Simpson Grant

Born - November 23, 1798 

Montgomery, Lycoming County

Died - May 11, 1883

Jersey City, Hudson County,

New Jersey




Grandfather - Noah Capt Grant

Grandmother - Rachel Miller Kelly



The notion that Grant was a heavy drinker seems fixed in American history. Entire books have been written about the issue and Grant biographies devote much space to this disputed topic.

Grant's relationship with liquor can be stated simply: in his early life, he apparently did drink to excess, particularly when separated from his wife and sons in 1852-54. His letters from this period eloquently prove his loneliness and feelings of emotional abandonment. With little to do and burdened with a martinet as a commanding officer, Grant drank too much. But its significance has been exaggerated. His drinking hurt no one, impinged on his ability to work only marginally and was borne out of a desperate loneliness to see his family. One of his great biographers noted, "It was an appetite, not a dissipation." Undoubtedly Grant had to fight against the desire to drink, but he eventually conquered his craving for alcohol.

The characterization of a slovenly and inebriated Grant is inaccurate. He was a shy, self-contained gentleman, who only unbent around friends who knew and understood him. During the Civil War, he did occasionally, but these times were chosen when there was a lull in the action. He rarely indulged during campaigns and the claim he was drunk at Shiloh is a canard, easily disproved. Like many others, he sometimes craved a drink, took it, and occasionally took one too many. Sherman said he could sleep off his hangovers in less than an hour, and he confirmed that Grant did get drunk once in awhile, always when military operations were suspended or inactive.




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