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Spc. Gabriel K. Bailey, Ellsworth, is the Kansas Army National Guard's (KSARNG) Soldier of the Year.
Bailey was selected for the honor on Feb. 19 by a board of noncommissioned officers from KSARNG. Bailey was evaluated on appearance and his knowledge of basic soldiering skills such as land navigation, rifle marksmanship, drill and ceremony protocols, nuclear/biological/chemical knowledge and other information required of all KSARNG soldiers.

Prior to being named KSARNG Soldier of the Year, Bailey had been selected as Soldier of the Year at the battery, battalion and brigade level. According to Master Sgt. James Crosby, who initially nominated Bailey, he submitted Bailey's name because "he was the best qualified soldier in the battery."

"On the military side, he had qualified expert with the 9mm pistol, scored a 285 (out of 300) on his Army Physical Fitness Test, completed all common tasks for training year 2004 and completed all of the recertification process for his 91W10 Military Occupational Skill in the training year," said Crosby. "On the civilian side, he is attending the University of Kansas and using the benefits of belonging to the Kansas Army National Guard to his advantage. His attitude, professionalism and dedication to duty are in keeping with what a soldier nominated for this board should be. He is a true citizen-soldier in every sense of the word."

Bailey is a medic for Detachment 1, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 127th Field Artillery, Lawrence. A 1998 graduate of Ellsworth High School, he joined the KSARNG in September 2003.

"The Guard offered financial and educational opportunities," said Bailey, "but I always wanted to do something to serve my country."

Bailey's goal is to become a physician's assistant in the Guard. During the week, he is a junior at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, working toward a bachelor's degree in human biology.

Bailey's selection as KSANRG Solider of the Year puts him in the running for Soldier of the Year at the regional level, which will be determined April 8 at Fort Dodge, Iowa. If selected there, he will become eligible to compete for Solider of the Year at the national level.


Bailey is the son of David and Kay Bailey, Ellsworth.



Associated Press Release

A young man from central Kansas has been named the state's Army National

Guard soldier of the year. He's Specialist Gabriel Bailey, a medic assigned to a unit based in Lawrence. (Detachment 1, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 127th Field Artillery.)

Bailey is a 1998 graduate of Ellsworth High School, who joined the National Guard in September of 2003. He's studying for a degree in human biology from the University of Kansas, and wants to become a physician's assistant with the Guard.





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