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Bohlken Family

Heinrich Carson Bohlken

 "Henry C. Bohlken"

Born - November 26, 1827

Date of Birth on Tombstone - November 22, 1827

Hanover, Germany

Came to USA in 1853, Menard County, Illinois

Moved to Nemaha County Nebraska in 1860

Died - May 19, 1912

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Stone Church Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Aged - 84 Years, 5 Months, 23 Days



Gone to His Reward

One of the Oldest and Most

Respected of Benton Precinct Citizens

Passes Away


After an illness lasting since early last winter, Henry C. Bohlken, one of the oldest and most respected of our west end citizens succumbed to the inevitable and last Sunday crossed over and joined the ever increasing throng gone before.

Mr. Bohlken was one of Nemaha County's oldest inhabitants and for almost fifty years had been living on the farm where he died. He was one of those steady, persevering, even tempered, ever reliable and dependable German Farmers.  Being of rather a retiring disposition, his circle of friends were not as extensive as some. But he was liked and respected by all that knew him.

Henry C. Bohlken was born in Germany, November 26, 1827 and died May 19, 1912, aged 84 years, 5 months and 23 days.

Mr. Bohlken was married twice. The last time forty one years ago to Miss Margaret Schutte, who survives him. He was the father of thirteen children, four by the first marriage and nine by the second. All of whom survive him and were present at the funeral.

They are Mrs. Rena Frerichs of Lorton, Mrs. Henry Siemers, George of Wymore and Ben of South Auburn. The children from the first marriage.

From the second marriage that are John, Mrs. Ed Shurtleif, Mrs. Henry Polsfus, Will,  Mrs. Herman Nordbrock, Mrs. Henry Follrichs, Katherine, Henry and Martin in the order of ages. Mrs. Polsfus lives in Thayer County, Nebraska, and Mrs. Nordbrock in Kearney County, Nebraska, and the others in the old neighborhood. They with the widow remain to mourn his loss. The sympathy of the community is extended to the sorrowing ones.

The funeral conducted by his pastor, Rev. J. H. Dirks was held Wednesday afternoon at the residence. Interment in Stone Church Cemetery.

The Johnson News


May 24, 1912





Henry C. Bohlken Has Answered Last Call

Pioneer Resident Reached

End of Long Career

Passed Away at His Home Southwest

of this City Last Sunday

Was one Who Contributed Much to this

Community and was highly Respected


Henry C. Bohlken, a pioneer of the county, a man who stood high

in the estimation of his fellowman and whose long life was full of

good works, passed away at his home near the Stone church

south-west of this city last Sunday.


The passing of Mr. Bohlken removes one who had contributed much

in the welfare of this community and has left a legacy of good works

that will keep his memory fresh long after his mortal remains shall

have turned to dust.


Henry C. Bohlken was a native of Germany and was born

November 22, 1827, and hence he was 84 years, 5 months

and 23 days old when the end came.


In 1853 he left the Fatherland, after having grown to manhood and

seen military service there. He set out toward the new world,

bringing with him the sturdy traits of character that were destined

to make him a beloved and respected resident of the country of

his adoption. He located first in Illinois, but in 1858 he came to

Nebraska and located in Nemaha county, where with the

exception of one year, he lived until the time of his death,

occupying the same farm and associating with the same

neighbors but ever making new acquaintances and consequently

new friends - for to know him was to become his friend.


He was married in early manhood and to this marriage four children

were born all of whom are living and they are: Mrs. Rena Frerichs

of Lorton, Nebraska, Mrs. Mary Siemere of Emerson, Nebraska,

Gerd Bohlken of Wymore, Nebraska, and Ben Bohlken who

is a resident of this county. His wife died many years ago and on

October 3, 1871, he was married in this county to Miss

Margarette Senette, who survives him. To this second union

nine children were born and they survive their father to share

the general sorrow that his death has occasioned. The

surviving children by his second wife are; Mrs. Hannah Pobifuss

of Deshler, Nebraska, Mrs. Lena Nordbrock of Hildreth, Nebraska,

and John Bohlken, Mrs. Margaret Shurtleff, William Bohlken,

Mrs. Anna Folrichs, Miss Kate Bohlken, Henry C. Bohlken Jr.,

and Martin Bohlken, all of whom live in this county. In addition

to the members of his immediate family the deceased leaves

thirty-five grand children and six great-grandchildren.


The funeral was held from the family residence on Wednesday

afternoon and people came from far and near to pay their

respects to the memory of the departed and to show their

sympathy for the family. The services were conducted by

Reverend Dirks, who took as his text the fifth verse of the

fifty-first chapter of Isaiah and paid a splendid tribute to the

Christian character of the departed. Mr. Bohlken had been a

member of the Stone church for many years and was an earnest

supporter of all good works. He contributed of his money and his

influence and his own personal life was an exemplification of

the faith that was in him. After the services the remains were

laid to rest in the Stone church cemetery.


Nemaha County Herald


May 24, 1912







1st Wife - Wubke "Bubka"  Gerdes (Williams)  Bohlken

Born - February 1, 1836

Zwischenbergen, Aurich, Ostfriesland, Germany

Died - February 2, 1870

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Stone Church Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska

To This Union 5 Children Were Born



Daughter - Rena W. (Bohlken) Frerichs

Born -  August 3, 1859- Springfield, Illinois

Died -1931

Husband - Herman Meinard Frerichs

Born - April 25, 1850 - Hanover, Germany

Arrived - USA - 1857

Hermans Parents - Abraham & Gretje (Ubben) Frerichs

Daughter - Elizabeth Gretje Frerichs

Born - July 3, 1882

Daughter - Wibka Maria (Mary) Frerichs

Born - March 24, 1884 - Nebraska

Son - Henry Abraham Frerichs - Born - May 19, 1888 - Nebraska

Son - Fred B. Frerichs

Born - September 5,1890- Talmage, Nebraska

Died - January 1978  - Dunbar, Nebraska

Daughter - Lina Frerichs - Born - December1895 - Nebraska

Daughter - Amanda Frerichs - Born - November1897 - Nebraska


Daughter - Mary J. (Bohlken) Siemers

Born - March 1862 - Nebraska

Husband - Henry Siemers

Born - February 1863 - Germany

Son - Johnnie Siemers - Born - February 1888 - Nebraska

Daughter - Laura Siemers - Born - November 1889 - Nebraska

Son - Henry Siemers - Born - December 1891 - Nebraska

Daughter - Rena Siemers - Born - May 1894 - Nebraska

Daughter - Affie Siemers - Born - March 1897 - Nebraska


Son - George Bohlken

Born - February1863

Wife - Antge Bohlken

Born - February 1870 - Germany

Daughter - Lina Bohlken - Born - September 1891

Daughter - Pearl Bohlken - Born - March 1896

Son - Harman Bohlken - Born - September 1898


Son - Heinrich Behrends  "Bennett"  Bohlken

Born - April 20, 1866

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Married - November 7, 1894

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - August 22, 1942

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska 

Wife - Mathilda Dorothea Sophia (Schneider) Bohlken

"Tillie Bohlken"

Born - July 7, 1873

Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - July 23, 1956

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Parents - Adolph R. B. Schneider and Dorothea (Wohlers) Schneider

Daughter - Tessie Sophia Dorothea Bohlken - Born - October 31, 1896

Daughter - Selma Wilhemine Therese Bohlken - Born - February 3, 1899

Daughter - Milda Emma Maggie Bohlken - Born - June 3, 1901

Son - Alfred Cassan Richard Bohlken - Born - May 17, 1904

Son - Edgar Lynn Bohlken - Born - November 10, 1906

Son - Lenard Otto Bohlken - Born - June 4, 1909

Daughter - Leota Gladys Bohlken

 Born -February 12, 1912

Died - December 3, 1932 - In an Automobile Accident

Daughter - Genevieve Cecil Bohlken - Born - February 1, 1915


Son - William Bohlken

Born - October 1869

May Have Died in Infancy



2nd Wife - Margaretha "Margaret" (Schutte) Bohlken

Born - October 7,1848

Schnappin, Oestiriesland,  Germany

Married - October 3, 1871

Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska

Died - March 8, 1931

Buried - Stone Church Cemetery

To This Wife 9 Children Were Born





Mrs. Margaretha Bohlken

Called To Death

Aged Resident of Nemaha County Reached End

of Journey of Life Last Sunday and Her

Passing is Mourned By Many

Friends In Community


Mrs. Margaretha Bohlken, an aged and highly respected resident

of this community, passed away at her home southwest of Auburn

last Sunday. Mrs. Bohlken had reached an advanced age and

many of the years of her life had been spent in this community.

Because of her fine Christian character and womanly and

motherly qualities, she had endeared herself to a wide circle of

friends who mourn her passing and who join in extending

to the family their sincere sympathy.

The deceased was born at Schnappin, Oestiriesland, Germany,

October 7, 1848, and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John

H. Schuette. She was baptized on October 21, 1848, in the

Lutheran church at the place of her birth. At an early age she was

confirmed and always took an active interest in the church

during the remainder of her life. She came to America in the

spring of 1871 and lived first in Illinois and later at Nebraska

City. In October 1871 she was married at Nebraska City to

Herman C. Bohlken, a pioneer Nemaha county resident and

moved with her husband to the Bohlken homestead in Benton

precinct, which continued to be her home until she passed

away. Her husband preceded her in death May 19, 1912.

Mrs. Bohlken found her chief interest in the home life, although

she was always ready to minister to the needs of friends and

neighbors. She was a good woman and one whose life was a

splendid influence on those about her.

She was the mother of nine children, eight of whom are living.

One daughter, Mrs. Caroline Nordbrock passed away

July 13, 1923. The surviving children are: John Bohlken, Auburn;

Mrs. Ed Shurtleff, Humboldt; Mrs. Henry Polsfus, Beatrice;

William Bohlken, Auburn; Mrs. Henry Follrichs, Auburn;

Miss Kathrina Bohlken, H. C. Bohlken and Martin Bohlken,

all of Auburn. She is also survived by two step-sons,

Gerd Bohlken of Wymore and Ben Bohlken of Auburn.

There are also nineteen grandchildren, five great-grandchildren

and three sisters, two living in Germany, and Mrs. Dick Heden

of Gilead, Nebraska .

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon from

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran church, conducted by

Rev. Kunzendorff. Many friends and neighbors were present to

pay their respects and following the services the interment was

made in St. John's cemetery.


The Nemaha County Herald


March 13, 1931






Son - John Bohlken

Born - November 14, 1872

Married - 1896

Wife - Gebina C. Bohlken

Born - November 1873 - Germany

Son - Henry H. Bohlken - Born - June 1896 - Nebraska

Daughter- G. Amelia M. Bohlken - Born - November 1898  - Nebraska

    Daughter -Irene C. Bohlken - Born -1905 - Nebraska

Daughter -Adeline C. Bohlken - Born -1909 - Nebraska

Daughter - Lily M, Bohlken - Born -1911 - Nebraska

Daughter -Vivian A. Bohlken - Born -1912 - Nebraska


Daughter - Margaretha (Bohlken) Shurtleff

Born - 1874 - Nebraska

Husband - Ed Shurtleff

Born - 1872 - West Virginia

Daughter - Leah O. Shurtleff - Born - 1899 - Nebraska

Daughter - Lynn C. Shurtleff - Born - 1901 - Nebraska

Son - Eugene M. Shurtleff - Born - 1910 - Nebraska

Daughter - Esther D, Shurtleff - Born - 1916 - Nebraska


Daughter - Mrs. Henry (Bohlken) Polsfus


Son - William "Willie" Bohlken

Born - April 7,1879

Never Married

Died - July 16, 1954


Daughter - Annie E. (Bohlken) Follrichs

Born - September 4,1881 - Nebraska

Died - March 1974

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Husband - Henry Fokko Follrichs

Born - May 4, 1881 - Germany

Arrived USA - 1906

Son - John H. W. Follrichs

Born - April 12, 1912- Nebraska

Died -  April 10,  2001

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Katherine or Catharine Bohlken

Born - April 1884

Never Married


Daughter -  Carolina (Bohlken) Nordbrock

Born - February 21,1887

Married -  April 22, 1908 - Auburn, Nebraska

Died - July 13, 1923

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Husband - Herman T. Nordbrock

Born - May 24, 1883 - Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died -  July 13. 1923

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Father - Thomas Johnson Nordbrock

Born - May 14, 1842

Mother - Hilka Oltmanns (Bunger) Nordbrock

Born - December 16, 1847

Son - Douglas Nordbrock - Born -  April 25,1909 - Nebraska

Son - Virgil D, Nordbrock - Born - February 18, 1914 - Nebraska

Son - Claude C. Nordbrock - Born - July 20,1922 - Nebraska


Son - Henry C. Bohlken

Born - February 23, 1890 - Nebraska

Wife - Minnie E. (Malpert) Bohlken


Son - Martin Heinrich Alexander Bohlken

Born - June 6, 1893

Never Married

Died - September 21, 1931  



Father Heinrich J. Bohlken

Mother -  Tahlke Magretha Bohlken




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