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Thomas Johnson Nordbrock

"Tommie Jensen Nordbrock"

Born - Saturday, May 14, 1842

Wiesede, Ostfriesland, Germany

Immigrated - 1866

Married - Saturday, May 7, 1870

Chandlersville, Cass County, Illinois

Residence - 1910 - Benton, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Occupation - Farmer

Died - Tuesday, August 8, 1911

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Friday, August 11, 1911

Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery

(Stone Church Cemetery)

Nemaha County, Nebraska







On Monday, July 31, Thomas Nordbrock, one of the best-known German American citizens of the county, endeavored to break a bronco to the saddle at his home southwest of town.

He had always been a very vigorous man, notwithstanding the fact that he had been a sufferer from asthma for years. On the day in question he got the bronco under saddle and mounted its back. The animal a powerful one, threw him to the ground with great force. Nothing daunted Mr. Nordbrock. He tried the feat a second time and he rode the animal quite a distance when it again got an ugly streak on and threw him with great force.

He returned to his home and complained of being severely shaken up but did not deem the services of a physician necessary.

About Saturday, after he had been attending his duties on the farm without complaint, he suffered so that he sent for the family physician, Dr. Tyler.

He said that he felt sore and that his asthma was bothering him

more than usual. He suffered considerably and on Monday,

about noon he passed away.

Thomas Nordbrock was born in Oast Friesland, Germany, May 14, 1842 and had passed his 69th year at the time of his demise. He came to this country in 1866 and settled at Petersburg, Illinois, where he was married to the good wife that survives him. In 1873 he came to this county and had resided here since. He was the father of twelve children, namely, Anna Casper, Altman Nordbrock, Rachael Fahrenhois, John Nordbrock, George Nordbrock, Grace Remmers, Herman Nordbrock, Henry Nordbrock, Hilda Caspers, Kate Torbeck, Maggie Nordbrock and Thomas Nordbrock.

Thomas Nordbrock was one of the finest type of men. He was joyful in disposition, always had a smile and a pleasant word for everybody, and in his conversation he never spoke ill of a human being. He was generous to his family and to his friends. By thrift and industry he amassed a fortune and provided good homes for all of the members of his family. He was the soul of honor and he regarded his word as being something sacred and because of his conscientious regard for it he made his word one of his most valuable assets. He was the soul of loyalty to a friend. His wife has lost an ideal husband and his children the best kind of father. He may will them lands and money7 but he will not leave anything behind him that is more valuable than the memory of his goodness and his virtue. He was a splendid citizen and a good man. There will be great sense of loss in his neighborhood, among his relatives and friends and in the county as a result of his going.

The funeral will be held from the house at noon today, Friday,

 the Reverend Didlaukies, officiating.


The Nemaha Republican


August 11, 1911








Wife - Hilka Oltmanns (Bunger) Nordbrock

Born - December 16, 1847

Strackholt, Aurich, Ostfriesland, Germany

Immigrated - 1868

Died - May 24, 1924

Buried - Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery

(Stone Church Cemetery)

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Father - Oltmann Gerdes Bunjer

Born - August 19, 1817 - Germany

Died - February 11, 1896

Mother - Gretje Harms (Meyer) Bunjer

Born -October 13, 1829

 Fiebing, Ostfriesland, Germany

Died - February. 11, 1896



Oltmann, Hilka, & John Nordbrock



Daughter - Anna Margaretha (Nordbrock) Caspers

Born - December 15, 1871
Chandlerville, Cass County, Illinois

Died - June 3, 1937

 Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska

Buried - Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska

Husband - Ehme Caspers

Born - July 24, 1867

Died - August 22, 1950
Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska

Buried - Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska


Son - Oltman Nordbrock

Born - February 15, 1874

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died -  January 20, 1921

 Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska


Daughter - Rachael Gretje (Nordbrock) Fahrenhois

"Greta Nordbrock"

Born - March 10, 1875

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Married -  February, 21 1901

Died -  February 4, 1952

Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska

Husband - Henry Fahrenholz


Son - John Thomas Nordbrock

Born - February 22.1877

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - November 13, 1945

Wilcox, Kearney County, Nebraska

Buried - Wilcox Cemetery
Wilcox, Kearney County, Nebraska


Son - George Thomas Nordbrock

Born - January 10, 1879

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - December 27, 1957

Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Buried - Saint Peters Cemetery
Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska

Wife - Elsie F. (Nagel) Nordbrock

Born - November 1, 1886   ۩ Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Died - June 27, 1977  ۩ Minden, Kearney County, Nebraska

Buried - Saint Peters Cemetery
Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska


Daughter - Grace Geske (Nordbrock) Remmers

Born - December 22, 1880
Febing, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - January 6, 1963

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Husband - Herman Remmers 

Born - November 16 1881- Febing, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died -  January 6,  1950 - Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Parents - Johann Diedericks & Margarethe (Yelkin) Remmers




Son - Herman Thomas Nordbrock

Born - May 24, 1883 - Nemaha County, Nebraska

Married - April 22, 1908 - Auburn, Nebraska

Died - July 13. 1923

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Wife -Carolina (Bohlken) Nordbrock

Born - February 21, 1887 - Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - July 13, 1923 - Nemaha County, Nebraska

Father - Henry C. Bohlken

Born - November 26, 1827

Died -  July 13 1923 - Auburn, Nebraska

Mother - Margaretha "Margaret" (Schutte) Bohlken

Born - October 1849

Died -  July 13 1923 - Auburn, Nebraska

Son - Douglas Nordbrock - Born -  April 25,1909 - Nebraska

Son - Virgil D, Nordbrock - Born - February 18, 1914 - Nebraska

Son - Claude C. Nordbrock - Born - July 20,1922 - Nebraska


Son - Henry Nordbrock

Born -  December 4, 1884

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - January 24, 1958

Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Buried - Saint Johns Cemetery
Wilcox, Franklin County, Nebraska
Wife - Adele Marie (Caspers) Nordbrock

Born - April 3, 1891  ۩ Died -November 21, 1989

Buried - Saint Johns Cemetery
Wilcox, Franklin County, Nebraska



Daughter - Hilka (Nordbrock) Caspers

Born -  January 6, 1887

Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Kathrena (Nordbrock) Torbeck

Born - May 6, 1888

Husband - Fred W. Torbeck

Born - March 14, 1886


Daughter - Maggie (Nordbrock) Torbeck

Born - November 14. 1891

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Married -  May 10,1917

Died -  July 19, 1926

 Husband - Herman Torbeck

Born - November 25, 1889  ۩ Died - July 1964

Father - Reiner Torbeck

Mother - Christena (Dirks) Torbeck


Son - Thomas Nordbrock

Born - April 27, 1894



Father - John Nordbrock

Born - Ostfrieseland, Germany

Mother - Unknown

Born - Germany


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