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Lala Madeline (Fre˙tag) Gregg

Born - April 23, 1892
Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Married - June 15, 1921

Sioux City, Iowa

Died - Thursday, June 28, 1929
McCook,  Red Willow County, Nebraska

Buried - Saturday, June 30, 1929

Memorial Park Cemetery

Section-1   Lot-3   Plot-2

McCook,  Red Willow County, Nebraska






Mrs. Lala Madeline Gregg, 37, of 1402 West First Street,

died early Thursday afternoon at St. Catherine's Hospital.

She was the wife of Vernon V. Gregg, McCook furniture dealer. Funeral services with

Reverend William Kilburn officiating, will be held Saturday at

Pade's mortuary. Burial is to be made at Memorial Park Cemetery.


Mrs. Gregg was born in Auburn, Nebraska on April 23, 1892.

The year following, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Fre˙tag, 

moved to Byron, Nebraska, where they raised their family.

After the death of her mother, Lala Fre˙tag was housekeeper for her father,

 and accompanied him, in 1913 to Havelock.

On  June 15, 1921, she married Mr. Gregg at Sioux City, Iowa,

and in the spring of 1928 they moved to McCook.

Besides her husband and her sister, Lydia Fre˙tag, of McCook,

 Mrs. Gregg leaves three children: Laverne 4, Donald 3,

and an infant daughter, four days old.

She is also survived by two brothers and six sisters.


McCook Daily Gazette


June 29, 1929




Husband - Vernon Val Gregg

Born - May1885 - Iowa

Died - May 24, 1954

Buried - Memorial Park Cemetery

Section-1   Lot-3   Plot-1

McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska



 Daughter - La Verne C. Gregg

Born -1925 - Nebraska


Son - Donald D. Gregg

Born - 1926 - Nebraska


Daughter- Madelyn L. Gregg

Born -1929  - Nebraska



The Byron Blade

Friday, April 3, 1908

Mrs. Fred Fre˙tag from Odell, Nebraska (Gage County) stopped  all night with her Sister-In-Law, Mrs. Claude Swartz, Friday night, she was on her way to Byron.

The Byron Blade

Friday, May 15, 1908

Mr. Fre˙tag and daughter moved into

Paul Eggers House Wednesday.

The Byron Blade

Friday, May 20, 1908

Carl Fre˙tag spent last week with relatives in Byron..

He went to Republic Tuesday.

and was going from there to Topeka.

The Byron Blade

Friday, July 3, 1908

Mr. Fre˙tag went to O'Dell Sunday for a few

days visit with his two sons

Fred and Henry




Sister- Matilda M. (Fre˙tag) Dankenbring

Born - January 1870 - Henry County, Ohio


Brother - Henry Fre˙tag

Born - December 15, 1871 - Henry County, Ohio


Sister - Ida (Fre˙tag) Swartz

Born - July 12, 1873 - Henry County, Ohio

Died -  November 29, 1960

Torrance, Los Angeles County, California

Husband - John Bright Swartz

Born -  March 15, 1873 - Kansas

Died -  December 28, 1951 - Los Angeles County, California

Father - Henry C. Swartz  Born - 1842 - Ohio

Mother - Susannah C. Swartz  Born - 1846 - Ohio


Sister - Mary (Fre˙tag) Swartz

Born - 1876 - Nebraska

Died - Lincoln, Nebraska


Sister - Catherine 'Katie' Minnie (Fre˙tag) Swartz

Born - March 1, 1878 - Henry County, Ohio


Brother - Frederick John Fre˙tag

Born - January 27, 1880 -Ohio


Sister- Helena M. (Fre˙tag) Brown

Born - February 21, 1882 -Ohio

Husband - William L. Brown

Born -1881 - Kansas


Brother - John Fre˙tag

Born - October 1884 - Nebraska

Died - Pierre, South Dakota


Brother- Carl  Herman Fre˙tag

Born - October 12,1887 - Nebraska

Married - July 6,1910

Alma, Harlan County, Nebraska

Wife - Minnie (Artz) Fre˙tag

Born - November 30,  1892

Dorchester, Saline County, Nebraska


Sister - Lydia Fre˙tag

Born - March 1890 - Nebraska



Father - Frederick H. Fre˙tag

Mother - Catharine (Rohrs) Fre˙tag


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