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Vogel Family ~Coat of Arms

Vogel Family - Coat of Arms

From the Middle High German "Vogel" meaning bird. BIRD is a common English variant.

Spelling variations include: Vogel, Voegel, Vogele, Voegele, Voegelein, Vagel (northern Germany), Vogeler, Vogler, Voegler, Voegeler, Vogl (Austria), Vageler (northern Germany), Fogel, Fogeler, Vakel, Vogal, Vogels, Vogall and many more.

First found in Thuringia, in the south-eastern part of Saxony, where this family name became a prominent contributor to the development of the district from ancient times.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: John Vogel, who immigrated to England and/or America in 1709 with his wife and three children. Michael Vogel came in 1744 with his wife Maria Margareta and their son.




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