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Eltiste Family

Conrad  August Herman Eltiste

Harry Eltiste

Born - August 11,1891

Family Home - Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska

 Married - November 28,1917

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church

(Hickory Grove Lutheran Church)

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - July 27,1987

Nemaha County Hospital

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Sheridan Cemetery

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska



Harry Eltiste Herman Eltiste ~ Honorary Admiral




Herman Eltiste Honored

Herman Eltiste of rural Auburn has been named an "Honorary Admiral" of  the Great Nebraska Navy.  Eltiste 94, is proud of the award and said it was a pleasant surprise.  The citation recognizes recipients for patriotism, valor, fidelity and ability.  The honoree worked various jobs before retirement, mostly agricultural-related.


Chipping from 1985





Killed Big Coyote


H.A. Eltiste who lives near Johnson brought a coyote skin to town Saturday, that attracted a good deal of attention because of its unusual size.

The skin measured five and one-half feet in length.  Mr. Eltiste shot the animal with a 22 caliber rifle and wounded it after which it was killed by his bull dog.

Its mate was with it, but escaped.  Coyotes have been killing chickens and committing other depredations in that section for some time, but this big fellow will do no more damage.

Nemaha County Herald


January 24, 1919



Wife - Ethyl Harriet (Kiel) Eltiste

Born - September 24, 1900  ♦ Died - January 6, 1961



Veteran World War IISon - Kiel Eugene Eltiste

Born - July 8, 1918  ♦ Died - July 10, 2000


Veteran World War II - Killed in ActionSon - Herman Alton Paul Eltiste

Born - May 27,1920  ♦ Died - August 6,1944


Veteran World War IISon - Warren Kenton Friedrich Eltiste

Born - August 9,1922  ♦ Died - January 14, 2003



Father - Freiderick Paul Eltiste

F. Paul Eltiste

Mother - Maria Barbara(Stadtler) Eltiste




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