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John Ritter Hoy

Born - April 25, 1830

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Civil War Veteran

Company B, 176 Ohio Infantry.

Service Dates - September 21,1864 - June 14, 1865

Occupation Following the War - Minister

In 1882 or 1883, John Moved his family to Spink County, South Dakota

Following Along were his 2 brothers, Samuel & Joseph, and their families.

Died - January 24, 1930 

 Plains, Paradise County, Montana

At the Home of his daughter, Elva Arnold.

Buried - January 26, 1930, Plains Cemetery,

Plains, Sanders County, Montana





Photograph Courtesy of Tim Toll and his Grandmother,

Mrs. Dorothy (Hughes) Thomas. Mrs. Thomas is the Daughter

of John Albert and Mabel Margaret (Hoy) Hughes;

The Granddaughter of Samuel Henry and Clara Elizabeth (Jacobus) Hoy;

And The Great Granddaughter of John Ritter and Mary Ann (Dundore) Hoy








Sanders County's Oldest Resident

Is Taken By Death: Near to Century


James Hoy Would Have Been 100 Years Old

In April, Settled At Plains in 1900.

Civil War Veteran



James Hoy, oldest resident of Sander's county,

 who, in a few weeks would have reached the age of 100 years,

died at the ranch home of his daughter, Mrs. Lewis Arnold,

 20 miles out of Paradise, a few days ago,

according to word received here.


The ranch home is at Donlan between St. Regis and

paradise on the St. Regis cut-off of the Northern Pacific.

The Hoy family has resided in the Plains district for 30 years,

and Mr. Hoy was one of the early day ranchmen of that district.

 He passed his ninety -ninth birthday in April of last year.

Although the weight of his years rested heavily upon his shoulders,

 he had been enjoying good health and was active.

Born in Ohio

Mr. Hoy was born in Ohio. His father came to American

from Switzerland. A short time ago in talking to friends

he recalled that his grandfather told him that his ancestors

 in Switzerland were in the meat business.

A recent genealogical search revealed that the relatives in

Switzerland are still in the meat business.


When the Hoys came to America they settled in Pennsylvania

and later went by ox team to Ohio, where Mr. Hoy enlisted

in the Union army during the Civil War. He was in no battle

but served as a guard for the city of Nashville, Tenn.,

and was discharged honorably from the army in 1865.

At the time of his death he was drawing a

pension from the government.


Mr. Hoy came west with his family in 1882 when they

settled at Redfield, S.D., and came from there to Plains in 1900.

 His wife died in 1913 and after that Mr. Hoy

made his home with his daughter.

Acting Minister

 As a young man he acted as a minister of the

Evangelical church.

 He had been a student of the Bible all of his life and always

had a ready mind for biblical quotations.

Prohibition was his main hobby and he rejoiced

over the passing of the Eighteenth amendment

but of recent years has been too feeble to take an

interest in the present trend of prohibition.


Those who knew Mr. Hoy best state that he showed

the characteristic of his parental ancestry and was

serious minded and quiet. He seldom joked and

was slow to see a joke. The only time he was jocular

was in the presence of little children.


Relatives attribute his longevity to a simple life.

He never used narcotics. One thing he always cherished

was a cane that belonged to his mother's mother,

who died at the age of 100 years.


Mr. Hoy is the father of four children, all living.

He is the grandfather of 12 and great grandfather of 24.



The Daily Missoulian:

 January 28, 1930


Obituary from the research of Cheryl Rogers.


This Obituary was found on the Family Web Site

"The Hoy - Smathers/Sloan Family Connection"

Submitted by Teresa Snyder.

The Following Comments Were Made by Teresa

Regarding the Above Obituary for "James Hoy".


"If you like a little embellishment with your history,

this obituary will give you that.

I don't know if John was actually

known as James in Montana but this is indeed John Hoy.

The story of the meat cutters from

Switzerland was pure fabrication,

and though I'd like to believe the story of the cane

coming from his grandmother, Maria Barbary Glick Ritter,

I have to wonder ..."


-Source: Teresa Snyder-




1st Wife - Mary Anna (Dundore) Hoy

Born - March 28, 1835

Seneca County, Ohio

Married - About 1854

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - April 15, 1862

Henry County, Ohio

Buried - Hoy (Shunk) Cemetery

 Henry County, Ohio

To This Union 4 Children Were Born



Mary Anna's Father - Benneville Dundore

Born - April 30, 1810

Marriage - August 28, 1832

Mary Anna's Mother - Anna Maria (Leiss) Dundore

Born - January 27, 1809




Note - Mary Anna Hoy and her 2 daughters, Amanda Jane

and Mary Olive Hoy, all perished due to a Smallpox Epidemic Outbreak

that occurred In the Spring of 1862.




Daughter - Sarah A. Hoy

Born/Died - 1856


Son - Samuel Henry Hoy

Born - March 8, 1857

Harrison Township, Henry County, Shunk, Ohio

Wife - Clara Elizabeth (Jacobus) Hoy


Daughter - Amanda Jane Hoy

Born - December 1, 1858

Shunk, Harrison Township. Henry County, Ohio

Died - April 8, 1862

Shunk, Harrison Township. Henry County, Ohio

Buried - Hoy (Shunk) Cemetery,

Henry County, Ohio


Daughter - Mary Olive Hoy

Born - May 28, 1861

 Shunk, Harrison Township. Henry County, Ohio

 Died - May 12, 1862

 Shunk, Harrison Township, Henry County, Ohio

Buried - Hoy (Shunk) Cemetery,

Henry County, Ohio



2nd Wife - Hester Ann "Hetta" (Hollopeter) Hoy

Born - December 8, 1831

Wayne County, Ohio

Married - April 19, 1864

Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio

Died - January 18, 1912

Buried - Plains Cemetery,

Plains, Sanders County, Montana

Hester's Parents - Frederick and Phoebe (Edmonds) Hollopeter

To This Union 3 Children Were Born





Per the June 1, 1885, South Dakota Territorial Census, John R. Hoy (55 and a Farmer)

is living with his wife, H. A. Hoy (53) and their children, Son - G. E. Hoy (20), Son - L. L. Hoy (17),

And Daughter - Elva F. Hoy (14).


Living Next Door to them are: J. W. Hoy (26 and a Farmer) with his wife, S. E. Hoy (25), and their

children, Son - F. S. Hoy (6), Son - C. M. Hoy (4), and Daughter - E. M. Hoy (Born - May 1885).

Note - All the Above are listed as being born in Ohio,

Except, E. M. Hoy, Born in the Dakota Territory.


This is the Family of John Wesley Hoy, who is the Son of John Ritter Hoy's Brother, Samuel Hoy.



Per the June 11, 1900, Mount Vernon Township, Davison County, South Dakota Census,

John Hoy (70, Born February 1830) is living with his wife, Hester (66, Born December 1833)

and their son, Lyman L. Hoy (30 and Single, Born December 1869).

This Census also states that John & Hester have been married 36 Years (1864) and that

Hester was the mother of 4 Children, 2 of whom are still living in 1900.


Per the April 20, 1910, East Cheney, Spokane County, Washington Census, Lorraine L. Hoy (40)

is living with his wife, Mable M. (28 and Born in Iowa), and their children,

Leland E. (8 and Born in Montana), Clayton (1 Year, 11 Months, Born in Washington)

and Mark Hoy (9 months, Born in Washington).

Additional information listed, is that Lorraine Hoy is employed as a

Superintendant of Public Schools, and that He and Mable have been married 10 years.

Mable was the mother of 5 children, 3 of whom are still alive in 1910.


Per the April 2, 1930, Tillamook, Tillamook County, Oregon Census, L.L. Hoy (58) is residing

with his wife, Mable (46, Born in Iowa),

and their children, L.E. (29, Born in Montana), C.W. (22, Born in Washington),

M.T. (20, Born in Washington), Vernon (15, Born in Washington) and Stanley (11, Born in Oregon)

L.L. Hoy is now employed as a Doctor/ Physician, L.E. is employed as a Machinest,

C.W. is employed as a Chauffeur/Driving a Taxi, and

 M.T. is employed in the Boat/Log Towing Business. 


Also, it should be mentioned, that although L.E. and C.W. Hoy are listed on this census,

both their names are Crossed off, with a line drawn through their listings.



Son - Grant  U. Eugene Hoy

Born - 1865  - Ohio

May have died prior to June 11, 1900.

Harrison, Henry County, Ohio


Son - Lyman Lorraine Hoy

Born - December 1869

Harrison, Henry County, Ohio

Wife - Mabel Mary (Edgington) Hoy


Daughter - Elva Florence (Hoy) Arnold

Born - 1871

Harrison, Henry County, Ohio

Died - September 24, 1937

Linn County, Oregon

Buried - Brownville Pioneer Cemetery

Brownville, Linn County, Oregon

Find A Grave Memorial # 48898250

Husband - Lewis Arnold




 Father - David Hoy

Mother - Hannah (Ritter) Hoy 



Grandfather - Daniel J. Hoy

Grandmother - Magdalena "Molly" Eyer Hoy



 Great Grandfather - Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

(Phillip Hoy )

 Great Grandmother - Barbara Hoy


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