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 David Hoy

Born - March 7, 1808

Fairfield County, Ohio

Married - April 5, 1829

Pickaway County, Ohio

Died - November 12, 1897

Harrison Township, Henry County, Ohio

Burial - Hoy Cemetery,

Shunk,  Henry County, Ohio

Row 73



David and Hannah (Ritter) Hoy

Photograph Courtesy of Cheryl Rogers

Great Great Great Great Granddaughter of David and Hannah Hoy




 David Hoy


An honored citizen and old settler in the person of father

David Hoy departed this life at his home in Harrison Twp.,

Henry County, O., Nov 12, 1897.


 He was born in Fairfield County, Ohio March 7, 1808

and had reached the ripe old age of 89 years, 8 months, and 5 days;

was married to Hannah Ritter April 5th, 1829 (she died Feb, 20, 1873),

 To them ten children were born, five of whom are living,

John, Rev Samuel and Joseph living in Dakota,

Levi of Wauseon, Martha Sturdavant living on the old homestead.

There are 44 grandchildren, 43 great grandchildren.


Father David was a son of Daniel and Mary Hoy.

His father Daniel was a man of remarkable strength, both physical

and spiritual, and lived to be above 91 years of age.

David Hoy moved to Henry County in October 1857,

having lived at his present home in Harrison Twp, for forty years.

He was converted when a lad of ten years,

and united with the Evangelical association,

doubtless being the oldest member of the church,

as he has been a member for eighty years.

He was a faithful reader of the Bible as well

as of other matter, having read it through

many times, and as late as 1895,

he read the Old Testament through three times

and the New Testament through nine times in that year.

These sacred habits of life were not without

blessed fruits and his life and character

are a worthy example for us all.


His memory and reason were good unto the end.

All through his afflictions in which he was

remarkably patient, he showed his appreciation

of the kindness shown him by he family and friends.

Much credit is due his daughter Martha,

and her husband Lewis Sturdavant for their faithful

care of him, which was so kindly and cheerfully rendered.


Father Hoy had four sons who went out to fight

for our country's honor in 1861 and one son,

Samuel has been for many years a faithful

minister in the Evangelical association, now of Dakota.

Father Hoy will be missed in the community,

and especially by the ministers of the church,

as his was always a preacher's home.

To associate with him was an assured blessing.

 He was kind to all, faithful to his God, true to the church,

and was gathered as a well ripened shock

 into the garden of the Lord.

All of his brothers and sisters have preceded him to the beyond.

The funeral was held Sunday afternoon,

Nov 14th at Calvary Church, conducted by

the writer and assisted by the pastor,

Rev. G.F. Spreng of Napoleon.

Henry County Signal

 November 18, 1897


Obituary from the research of Cheryl Rogers.





Wife - Hannah (Ritter) Hoy

Born - February 14, 1811

Madison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio

Died - February 20, 1873

Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio

Burial - Hoy Cemetery,

Shunk,  Henry County, Ohio

Row 73

To This Union 10 Children Were Born.

Hannah's Father -John Ritter - Born - 1777

Madison, Franklin County, Ohio

Died - February 13, 1857



Hannah's Mother - Maria Barbary (Glick) Ritter

Born - April 11, 1788

Berks County, Pennsylvania

Died - September 9, 1877

Buried - Shunk Cemetery, North Henry County, Ohio

Note - On Maria Barbary's Tombstone, Her name is spelled as "Marye"



Son - John Ritter Hoy

Born - April 25, 1830

Civil War Veteran

1st Wife - Mary Ann (Dundore) Hoy

2nd Wife - Hester "Hetta" A. (Hollopeter) Hoy


Son - Samuel Hoy

Born - March 3, 1832

Wife - Malinda (Imler) Hoy



Son - Joseph Hoy

Born - January 14,1834

Civil War Veteran , Rank -1st Lieutenant,

 Company I, 68th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Wife - Sarah Amanda (Hartman) Hoy



Son - Levi Hoy

Born - March 27, 1835

Civil War Veteran, Rank - Sergeant

Company B,68th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Wife - Almira (Whitright) Hoy


Daughter - Mary Hoy

Born - March 5, 1839

Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - July 19, 1842

Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio

Aged - 3 Years, 4 Months and 14 Days

Buried - Glick - Brick Church,

Hoy Memorial Cemetery,

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio




Son - Peter Hoy

Born - September 4, 1841

Wife - Sarah Ann (Sloan) Hoy



Son - Daniel Hoy

Born - July 19, 1843 - Ohio

Civil War Veteran , Rank Private

Enlisted - October 21, 1861

Company D, 68th Regiment,

Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Discharged - August 26, 1863

On Surgeon's Certificate of Disability

Died - May 19, 1864

Henry County, Ohio

Buried - Hoy Cemetery, Harrison Township,

Henry County, Ohio

Row 73


Son - Lyman Hoy

Born - May 3, 1845

Lithopolis, Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - August 6, 1845

Lithopolis, Fairfield County, Ohio.

Buried - Glick - Brick Church,

Hoy Memorial Cemetery,

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio


Son - Israel Ritter Hoy

Born - January 20, 1849

Lithopolis, Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - February 28, 1851

Lithopolis, Fairfield County, Ohio

Buried - Glick - Brick Church,

Hoy Memorial Cemetery,

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio


Daughter - Hannah Martha (Hoy) Sturdavant

Born - August 22, 1852

Husband - Lewis Sturdavant



Father - Daniel J. Hoy

Mother - Magdalena (Eyer) Hoy



 Grandfather - Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

(Phillip Hoy )

 Grandmother - Barbara Hoy


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