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S.S. Mosel


Ship Builders - Caird & Company Greenock

Propulsion - Steam, single screw, 13 knots.

Re-engineed by Elder with Compound Engines -1882
Launched - Tuesday, 20 August 1872
Built - 1872
Ship Type - Passenger Cargo Ship
Tonnage - 3200 Gross Tons   Length - 349 Feet   Breadth - 40 Feet

Accommodation for 90 1st Class, 126 2nd Class, and 600 3rdClass passengers.
Owner History - Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen
Status - Sunk - September 8, 1882


In 1875 a man called Thomassen tried to sink the vessel by placing a time bomb in a chest smuggled aboard. He did so to effect a claim on goods he had stowed on her. The bomb exploded whilst the ship was in port at Bremerhaven killing sixty eight people and injuring dozens of others. The man confessed to his crime and reputedly tried to kill himself.


The S.S. Mosel


The S.S. Mosel



H.A.F. Neynaber Master of the "Mosel" on

June 11, 1877

From Bremen, Germany to Southampton, England

to New York


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