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Harry Ross Miner

"The Original Husker Harry"

Born - Saturday, June 20, 1885

Stella, Richardson County, Nebraska

Died - Thursday, February 23, 1967

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Buried - Stella Cemetery

Stella, Richardson County, Nebraska



Harry Ross Miner



Buried - Stella Cemetery


Go Big Red!!!! Harry Miner's Husker Land Song Go Big Red!!!!



Municipal Band to Play

New Cornhusker Song

THE LONG BEACH ALUMNI of the University of Nebraska, Tomorrow afternoon and evening will have an opportunity of hearing the new university football, fight song, "Huskerland,"  Written and composed by Harry Miner, Husker star of the1908 -10 teams and former well-known gridiron official. The song will be played here for the first time by, the Long Beach Municipal Band at Exhibition Hall in the Auditorium at 2 P.M .and 7 P.M. Saturday

. Saturday. It was through Conductor J. J. Richards and his assistant, James E. Son, that Miner, met Al Mouqin well-known arranger for Irvin Berlin and Hollywood studios who arranged the song, "Huskerland" Arthur Boyd of Long Beach was the copyist.

The song was first played by the Notre Dame Band at this years Notre Dame-Nebraska game, and will be played for the first time before a home crowd during homecoming-day celebration at tomorrow afternoon's Kansas-Nebraska game in Lincoln.. The University of Nebraska band under: Don Lenz will dedicate the song between halves to General John J. Pershing Nebraska, Class of '92.

Harry Miner is well known here for his Lyceum Bureau lectures starting in 1916.and being instrumental in organizing the Long Beach Rotary Club

He now lives at Claremont.  "Huskerland" has something of the, "On Wisconsin" quality and, something of the old chant Harry has worked in the names of former Nebraska coaches

The Indian theme heard through the melody touches a wellspring in Miner's memories of the games he played as Nebraska quarterback against the Carlisle and Haskell Indians. Miner envisions the time when every high school band in the state of Nebraska will be playing the song as a routine fall ritual and it is his hope that the net result will be more inspired play by University of Nebraska football teams.


 The Song: Huskerland I

Prairie schooners driven by oxen taken over Indian trail.

Stalwart -men of old. Nebraska battled Man’s gales….

Tilled this land of goldenrod and give us corn and grain,  . . . .

Huskers, sons of pioneers,

It’s time to plow again….

Fight! Fight!



Fight! For "Huskerland”

Nebraskaland  N. U.

Fight! Fight! Fight! team make that stand …

Bring Huskerland right, through.


Long Beach Press-Telegram


November 7, 1947





Husker Harry Miner

Headed L.A. Parade

"Husker" Harry Miner, well known in Auburn and over the state, as the writer of the University of Nebraska fight song, "Husker-Land" is in charge of the colorful special events parade at the Los Angeles, California, county fair, which is to be held in Pomona, California, Sunday, September 25, according to a news account taken from the Long Beach Daily Press-Telegram.

As one of the big attractions, Miner has his national champion baton twirler, Ted Otis, who performed here about two years ago, leading the baton twirling majorettes. Along with the event a special baton twirling content is to be held.

The article goes on to give some of the background facts relative to Mr. Miner, in which it states that he was one of the organizers of the Long Beach, California, Rotary club in 1918, and for many years was manager of the Redpath Lyceum and Chautauqua Bureaus on the Pacific coast.

In the parade will be the state champion Wilmington drum and bugle corps, Los Angeles police band, plus many other outstanding organizations.

Nemaha County Herald

Auburn, Nebraska


September 22, 1949



Go Big Red!!!! Harry Miner's Husker Land Song Go Big Red!!!!



City Band to Play

Nebraska March

In honor of the 81st anniversary of the University of Nebraska, the Long Beach Municipal Band in its concert tomorrow afternoon will play the Huskerland," the university tight song written by Harry Miner of Long Beach. Miner played football with the Cornhuskers in 1907, '08 and '10, he dedicated the composition to

General John G. Pershing, who Graduated in law from the

University of Nebraska in 1893 and

who organized the first R.O.T.C. and Pershing's Rifles on that

campus. KGER will carry the Program on the air.

Press -Telegraph

Long Beach California


February 14, 1950




Brother - Willard Henry Miner

Born - December 27, 1879

Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin


Sister - Pearl  Mary (Miner) Rohrs

Born - July 1, 1883

Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin


Sister - Helen (Miner) Hawkins

Born - April 22,1888

Stella, Richardson County, Nebraska



Father - Henry L. Miner

Mother - Ellen (Grant) Miner



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