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 Ellen Gertrude (Grant) Miner

Born - April 7, 1850 - Wisconsin

Married - 1877

Died - September 13, 1946

San Bernardino, California



Family History Claims that Ellen was a Descendent

of Ulysses S. Grant

George E. Dye's Obituary states  that Ellen's Sister

was a distant Relative of President Grant.

I have not been able to prove  this Relationship.

Hollis Ohm shared a story of her bragging to

Grade School Friends, that she was related to

President Grant.

Hollis's Grandmother Ellen said

" I wouldn't be bragging about that, because

Ulysses S. Grant was nothing but a drunkard."

Grant's drinking has even been disputed by many people.



Husband - Henry L. Miner

Born - July 19, 1857 - Wisconsin

Died- April 10, 1938

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska



Son - Willard Henry Miner

Born - December 27, 1879

Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin


Daughter - Pearl  Mary (Miner) Rohrs

Born - July 1, 1883

Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin


Son - Harry R. Miner

Born - June 20, 1885

Stella, Richardson County, Nebraska


Daughter - Helen Belinda (Miner) Hawkins

Born - April 22, 1888

Stella, Richardson County, Nebraska



Sister - Mary E. (Grant) Dye

Born - March 22,1848

Jefferson, Wisconsin


Brother - Samuel LaMonte Grant

Born - June 1852 - Wisconsin


Sister - Martha V. (Grant) Palmer

Born - December 1854 - Wisconsin


Brother - Liberty Freemont Grant

Born - February 23, 1857- Wisconsin


Brother - Willard James Grant

Born - 1861- Wisconsin



Father - Willard Grant

Mother - Sarah (Dye) Grant






Go Big Red!!!! Harry Miner's Husker Land Song Go Big Red!!!!

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