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Stella, Nebraska

Saturday, September 5, 1931


Mrs. Fred Rohrs of Peru, who was Miss Pearl Miner of Stella,

announces the wedding of her daughter,

Mary Rohrs. to John Black of Rochester,Pennsylvania.


 The wedding was solemnized Friday afternoon, Sept. 4, 

at the Rohrs home in Peru.


The officiating minister was Rev. Clinton B. Swengel of Boston,

who will soon begin his third year in the

Boston School of Theology, and who is visiting his parents

 at Plainview and a brother. M. L. Swengel,

superintendent of schools at Shubert.


The bride has been in school at Boston,

where Mr. Black recently finished his work at the

 school of theology of Boston university.


Mr. and Mrs. Black will return to Pennsylvania,

where he will receive his assignment for preaching this next year

in the Pittsburgh conference of the Methodist Episcopal church.





Husband - John William Black

Born - Tuesday, August 1, 1905

Rochester, Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Died - Friday, October 16, 1992

Lakewood, Los Angels County, California

Father - John Black

Mother - Annie Brown (Weaver) Black



Son - John Frederick Black

Born - November 12, 1934


Daughter - Mary Ann (Black) Richmond

Born - January 26, 1942



Sister - Ellen (Rohrs) Hill

Born - September 29, 1902

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Sister - Pauline M. (Rohrs) Frazee

Born -  January 4, 1907

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Sister - Kathryn Rohrs

Born - January 4, 1908

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Sister - Louise (Rohrs) O'Connor

Born - November 11, 1910

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Veteran World War IIBrother - Fredrick Harry Rohrs

Born - December 4, 1914

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Sister - Esther Lee (Rohrs) Brewer

Born - August 3, 1925

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska



Father - Friedrick Henry Rohrs

Mother - Pearl  Mary (Miner) Rohrs


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