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Rohrs Family

Ross Henry Miner

Born - June 16, 1916

Never Married

Died - August 8, 1935

Rawlins, Carbon County, Wyoming

Buried - Lakeview Cemetery, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Lot 1956




Country Edition - Rawlins, Wyoming

August 28, 1935

Coroner Attempts to Identify Man

Coroner M. B. Pickett is attempting to identify a young man who fell beneath the wheels of a freight train in the east yards about 4 o'clock this morning and was killed. Chris Carlson and one of the Salvation Army officials heard the man scream as he fell, but when they reached him the truck of the train had crushed his chest.

There was not a mark of identification upon his person except two dry cleaner's tags; one on his tie reading G108, and one on his trousers M90. The man was five feet 10 inches tall; weighed 185 pounds; has blue eyes and light straight hair. He was apparently about 34 years old.

The reporter is having finger prints and photo's made to aid in identification.





Rawlins, Wyoming

Friday, August 30, 1935


Accident Victim Cheyenne Youth

The body of the youth who fell from a train in the railroad yards here Wednesday morning was identified yesterday by friends as Ross Miner, 18 years old, of Cheyenne. His brother accompanied a representative of the Worland Mortuary of Cheyenne here to return his body to Cheyenne this morning.

The young man left his home Tuesday and his family was not aware of his intention of taking a trip. Local residents who viewed the body at the H. Rasmussen Funeral parlors were able to give the young man's name and Coroner M. E. Pickett immediately contacted the family, telling of the fatal accident. Miner's mother is proprietor of the Stand Hotel in Cheyenne.






Sister - Mary Marguerite Miner

Born - July 15, 1902


Brother - Harold Willard Miner

Born - December 17, 1903


Brother - Frederick Rohrs Miner

Born - October 9, 1907


Sister - Dorothy Pearl (Miner) Chapman

Born - November 14, 1909

Brother - Paul Curlyn Miner

Born - November 26, 1911

Veteran World War IIBrother - Marvin Clayton Miner

Born - August 22, 1913


Sister - Hollis Grant (Miner) Ohm

Born - May 11, 1915


Veteran World War IIBrother - Donald Earl Miner

Born - July 20, 1920



Father - Willard Henry Miner

Mother - Ida Pearl (Rohrs) Miner


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