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Vernon Herman Eltiste

Born - Tuesday, May 26, 1914

Family Home, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - May 29, 2006


Alma (Kaiser) Eltiste Buried - Sumner Cemetery


Alma (Kaiser) Eltiste Vernon Eltiste


Vernon & Alma Eltiste

Married - February 5,1941

Wife - Alma Sophia Auguste (Kaiser) Eltiste

Alma Eltiste


Son - Howard Dennis Eltiste

Son - John Dale Eltiste

Son - Vernon Kent Eltiste

March 22, 1953 - March 22, 1953


Brother - Leonard Paul Eltiste

Sister - Mary Barbara Eltiste

Brother - Willis Dale Eltiste

Brother - Gordon Bruce Eltiste



Vernon's Favorite Fruit was a Banana




There's a fruit store on our street
It's run by a Greek.
And he keeps good things to eat
But you should hear him speak!

When you ask him anything, he never answers "no".
He just "yes"es you to death,
And as he takes your dough, he tells you...

"Yes! We have no bananas
We have no bananas today!!
We have string beans and onions, cabBAges and scallions
And all kinds of fruit and say
We have an old fashioned toMAHto
A Long Island poTAHto, but

Yes! We have no bananas
We have no bananas today!"

Business got so good for him that he wrote home today,
"Send me Pete and Nick and Jim; I need help right away."
When he got them in the store, there was fun, you bet.
Someone asked for "sparrow grass"
and then the whole quartet
All answered:

"Yes, we have no bananas
We have-a no bananas today.
Just try those coconuts
Those wall-nuts and doughnuts
There ain't many nuts like they.
We'll sell you two kinds of red herring,
Dark brown, and ball-bearing.
But yes, we have no bananas
We have no bananas today."



Folk Song written

By Frank Silver and Irving Cohn (1923)


Father - George Heinrich Paul Eltiste

(Paul Eltiste)

Mother - Edna Barbara (Rohrs) Eltiste




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