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William Frederick Eltiste

Willie Eltiste or W. F. Eltiste or Bill Eltiste

Born - November 19, 1886

Eltiste Home - Near Auburn, Nebraska

Never Married

Died - January 29, 1963



Harry Eltiste William Eltiste Harry & William Eltiste

Harry and William Eltiste




Eltiste Badly Injured

A family breakfast scene was suddenly shattered on Thursday morning when William C. Kaiser, 51, shot his uncle, William F. Eltiste, 73 without warning.


Eltiste’s condition was considered good Tuesday evening. He had been taken out of the oxygen tent and is apparently on the mend according to members of the family.


Eltiste, Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser and Mrs. Sophia Kaiser, 79, William’s mother, had finished breakfast. Mrs. William Kaiser had gone our to feed the chickens, and both men apparently left the table at about the same time.

Eltiste walked into the front room and Kaiser took his 12-gauge shotgun from the bedroom, followed Eltiste, and shot him in the back at close range.

Grandmother Kaiser’s back was to the bedroom door, but when she realized what had happened, she called Mrs. Kaiser, and then followed William to the outside kitchen door. He had re-loaded the gun, but she walked up to him, spoke with authority, and took possession of it.

A doctor and officers were called, and both men were brought to the Phillipsburg hospital. Eltiste was given a blood transfusion and emergency treatment before he was transferred to a hospital at Topeka for examination on Thursday evening. His brothers, Paul and Gus, accompanied William and Sheriff Jack Chance on the trip.

In Ill Heath

Kaiser has had two operations within the past 16 months, and has been unable to work much of the time. He had been in quite a bit of pain, and his general health has been of concern to the family for some time.

Mr. Eltiste has been helping with the farm work recently, and has been staying at the farm. Mrs. Sophie Kaiser, William’s mother, also stays at the farm most of the time. It is located about nine miles east and 1 ˝ miles north of Phillipsburg

Phillips County Review


November 4, 1961






W. F. Eltiste Is Out of Hospital

William F. Eltiste, who was seriously wounded by a shot gun blast last fall, has been released from the Mary Lanning hospital at Hastings. He will convalesce at the home of his brother, Herman A. Eltiste of Auburn, Nebraska.

Mr. Eltiste wants to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to friends for their letters, hospital visits and other acts of kindness which helped so much “during my long stay in the hospital.”

Phillips County Review


January 4, 1962



Father - Freiderick Paul Eltiste

Mother - Maria Barbara (Stadtler) Eltiste






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