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Eltiste & Hoy Family


John & Kathy



Married - Friday, February 14, 1986

"Valentine's Day"

At the home of Dan & Jane Hoy







Back Row: Vernon Eltiste - Father of the Groom

Michael Eltiste - Son of the Groom

Dan & Jane Hoy - Parents of the Bride

Kathy and John Eltiste

Kitty Eltiste - Sister -in - Law of the Groom

Alma Eltiste - Mother of the Groom

Dennis Hoy (Sitting) - Brother of the Bride

Brandon and Ben Hoy - Nephews of the Bride

 Maid of Honor - Melinda Hermenet - Cousin of the Bride

Best Man - Howard Eltiste - Brother of the Groom

Marie Eltiste - Niece of the Groom







With Lots of Love, Hugs and Snuggles...


Your Wife and the Kiddies 4

Missy, Speckles, Gizmo and Angel



Father of the Bride Daniel Lewis Hoy

Mother of the Bride - Bertha Jane (Hermenet) Hoy



Father of the Groom - Vernon Herman Eltiste

Mother of the Groom - Alma (Kaiser) Eltiste



John's Son - Michael James Eltiste

Wife - Kimberly Dawn (Owens) Eltiste


John's Son - Christopher Thomas Eltiste



Our Grandson - Christian Michael Eltiste


Our Grandson - Brock Lewis Eltiste




"Full Circle"

Artist: Dolly Parton




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