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Alma Sophia Auguste (Kaiser) Eltiste

Alma Eltiste

Born - Wednesday, July 9, 1919

Phillipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas

Baptized - 1919

Confirmation - 1933

Married - February 5, 1941

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas

Died - December 6, 1993

Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska



Alma With Her Candles



Master Gardner Series

Woman’s Hobby Keeps Floral Beauty Alive

Lexington resident Alma Eltiste is combining forethought and flowers to come up with gifts, which “keep on giving.”

A three-year veteran of the Master Gardeners program, Eltiste is happiest when her flowers are in bloom. However, you won’t find her idle during the winter months, because Eltiste has found a way to keep flowers “blooming year round.” She dries many varieties of flowers and uses them to make dried flower arrangements, which she gives to friends.

“All I have to do is snip the flowers, hang them upside down to dry and then spray the flowers to keep them from shedding.” said Eltiste.  “I go to a lot of garage sales and I shop for close-out bargains at local stores. When I find little knickknacks, like Christmas ornaments or other seasonal decorations, I buy them to use them in my arrangements.

One long countertop is Eltiste’s basement brims with dried flower arrangements, ranging from an Easter basket decorated with baby’s breath, purple and alabaster statice, to a small Christmas tree bearing ornaments made from an array of dried Flowers.

“I do this for the joy of giving.” She said. “I’ve always enjoyed arranging flowers and it is a year-round thing to me. When I’m working on an arrangement, I’m thinking, ‘who would like this?’ “I love seeing a friend’s face light up when I bring them an arrangement.”

Eltiste’s passion for arranging flowers is rooted in her childhood, which was spent on a farm near Phillipsburg, Kansas.

“My mother used to provide roses, peonies and other types of flowers for people’s weddings,” said Eltiste. “When I was younger, I also did a few weddings. There was one couple, which provided me with a dozen carnations, and I arranged them with other flowers for their wedding. They gave me $25 for doing this.”

Eltiste is also a prize-winning participant in the Dawson County Fair floral competition.

“I will say that I’ve brought home a lot of purple ribbons,” she said modestly. “I really enjoy exhibiting flowers – and looking at other people’s floral exhibits.”

Eltiste’s flower garden includes clematis, petunias, mums, hibiscus, tulips, daffodils, iris, carnations, peonies and three varieties of roses.

Eltiste said anyone with an interest in gardening could cultivate a “green thumb.”

“You have to read up on gardening, know which plants will work in Nebraska, and persevere,” she explained. “Investigate before you invest in a plant.”

The Lexington Clipper

Lexington, Nebraska

 Thursday, March 15, 1990




Page of Dedication


Husband -Vernon Herman Eltiste

Born May 26, 1914


Son - Howard Dennis Eltiste

Born - January 13, 1945


Son - John Dale Eltiste

Born - November 23,1949


Son - Vernon Kent Eltiste

March 23, 1953 - March 23, 1953



Father -John Henry Kaiser

Mother - Maria Barbara Margaretha( Fink) Kaiser

Maggie Kaiser




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