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Merklein Family

Martin William George  Merklein

Born - December 18, 1911

Mound Township, Phillips County, Kansas

Baptized - January 15, 1912

Confirmed - July 5, 1925

Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

Never Married

Died - August 8, 1940

Mound Township, Phillips County, Kansas





Martin Merklein


Martin William George Merklein was born in Mound Township in Phillips County, Kansas, December 18, 1911, Martin was the seventh child of Mr. Henry L. Merklein and his wife, Katharine Magdalena nee Krafft of

 Prairie View, Kansas.

On January 15, 1912, Martin was consecrated to the Lord in Holy Baptism. Pious parents and a pious grandmother brought him up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Martin received his education in the public school of his district and attended our church school for instruction in the way of salvation. On July 5, 1925 Martin was confirmed and received into the number of adult Christians. After his confirmation, he took a four year course in the Academy of the Hebron College of our A. L. C. , at Hebron, Nebraska, to continue his studies and to prepare for the duties of later life. Having completed his education he stayed at home, being the main helper and assistant of his aging father on the farm after the marriage

 of his older brothers.

Martin was a quit young man, respected and loved by all who knew him. Faithfully he served his Lord and Savior whose Word and Sacrament

were his nourishment and succor.

In September of last year, Martin was hurt his left leg while doing farm work. At first the hurt was regarded as a common bruise, but in the course of time it caused considerable pain and distress. Medical examination found an injury of the bone which, in time developed into sarcoma. Treatments in Bell Hospital , Kansas City, Kansas, seemed to arrest the disease, but only for a time. Before long it was clear that his disease was incurable.

On Christmas Eve, Martin was in church the last time celebrating with the congregation the birth of his Savior. Since then he left home only a few times to be out in the sunshine. On Easter, he took Holy Communion on the same day the congregation celebrated the Lord's Supper. Medical skill and faithful and loving nursing, could at best help to relieve his distress, Patiently, without a work of complaint or murmur, looking to the Lord

 for strength, he bore his heavy cross.

During the last six weeks, Martin began to fall considerably, having been bedfast since Easter, so that he could not help himself any more. Especially the last two weeks, vehement cramps sapped his marrow, One could only wish that the Lord, in His grace, deliver him from his misery. On Thursday, August 8, in the morning at 6:10 o'clock, the Lord freed this cross bearer from the woe and misery of this earth, aged 28 years, 7 months and 20 days.

His untimely departure his bereaved parents, four brothers, Edwin, John, Henry with their families and Alvin; four sisters, Mrs. Martha Vogel, Mrs. Freda Eltiste, Mrs. Hilda Miller and their families, and Emilie; a number of uncles and aunts, and many other relatives and friends.

Interment was made Saturday, August 10, on the cemetery of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Stuttgart. May he rest in peace!


We hereby wish to express our heartfelt thanks for all the beautiful cards and gifts which were given to our dear son and brother during his long illness. Also for the kind words of sympathy and floral offerings. May your kindness be rewarded.

The H. L. Merklein Family


Phillips County Review

August 15, 1940




Brother - Edwin J. Merklein

Born - June 24, 1902 


Brother - Johann George Merklein

Born - May 26, 1904 


Brother - Heinrich Wilhelm Michael Merklein

Henry Merklein

Born - July 19, 1906 


Sister - Martha M. (Merklein) Vogel

Born - January 18, 1908  ۩ Died - January 12, 2000

Husband - Alvin George Vogel


Brother - Paul  Georg Richard Merklein

Baptized - 1910

Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

Died - 1912

Buried - Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery


Sister- Freda Alma Martha (Merklein) Eltiste

Born - April 19, 1914


Sister - Hilda (Merklein) Miller

Born - May 3, 1916


Sister -Emilie Anna Merklein

Born - February 9, 1919  ۩ Died - August 16, 2002


Brother - Alvin William Edward Merklein

Alvin Merklein

Born - May 23, 1923  ۩ Died - March 7, 1982



Father - Henry L. Merklein

Mother - Katharina Magdalena (Krafft) Merklein



Michael Merklein

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