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Alma Sophia Auguste (Kaiser) Eltiste

Alma Eltiste

Dedication Page

Born - Wednesday, July 9, 1919

Phillipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas

Married - Wednesday, February 5, 1941

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas

Died - December 6, 1993

Lexington Community Hospital

Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska

Buried - Sumner Cemetery

Sumner, Dawson County, Nebraska

Section-3  Row-2


Alma (Kaiser) Eltiste


Alma Eltiste

Page of Dedication






My Mother



I knew a perfect lady,

She was sweet, and good and kind;

She had more of golden qualities

Than knights of old could find.


I recall how this sweet lady

Used to tuck me in my bed,

And I'd fall deep into dreamland,

With her kiss upon my head.


The lady of my poem,

Taught me all that's good and right;

She told a little boy of God,

And how to say his prayer at night.


Now this lady got some older,

But to me she was just the same;

Her motto still was kindness,

Still she had no wealth or fame.


She can no longer kiss my brow,

She no longer hears my prayers;

But she led a boy to manhood,

Up the old and timeworn stairs.


I still know this dear lady,

Her letters cheered me day by day,

They were all packed full of goodness,

God made her just that way.


I have described a lady,

To me there is no other,

Who had all those golden qualities,

I know - She was my Mother.







Husband - Vernon Herman Eltiste

Born -May 26, 1914


Son - Howard Dennis Eltiste

Born - January 13, 1945


Son - John Dale Eltiste

Born -November 23,1949

Son - Vernon Kent Eltiste

March 23, 1953  ۩ March 23, 1953


Brother - Johann Fredrich Leonard Kaiser

Jake Kaiser

Sister - Alwinia Eva Christine (Kaiser) Boethin

Alwinia Boethin

Veteran Korean War Brother - Hermann Edward Kaiser

Eddie Kaiser


Father -John Henry Kaiser

Mother - Maria Barbara Margaretha( Fink) Kaiser

Maggie Kaiser




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