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Veteran World War II - God Bless America

Warren Kenton Friedrich Eltiste

Kenton Eltiste

Veteran World War 2

Born - Friday, September 22, 1922



Kenton After Coyote Hunt

with Greyhounds and Coyote Hides


Married  - Tuesday, April 8, 1941

Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri

Died - October 1, 1999


Kenton entered the United States Army in 1945.

He served 14 months and was discharge

on August 6, 1946.


Kenton Retired from

Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company

as a Switchman and a Lineman in 1978.


On May 6, 1986, Kenton was involved

in a very serious accident, he eventually lost both his legs.



Died - January 14, 2003

Holmes Lake Manor

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Buried - January 17, 2003

Clifton Cemetery, Near Corley Park,

Nemaha County, Nebraska



Wife - Caryll Jane (Briar) Eltiste

Born - August 16, 1921  ۩ Died -October 1, 1999

Buried -Clifton Cemetery

Near Johnson, Nebraska

Father - George Irvin Briar

Mother -Clara Ellen (Silence) Briar



Son - Ronald Gene Eltiste

Born -January 23, 1944  ۩ Died -June 14, 1994

Tribute To Ronald Gene Eltiste


Daughter- Diann Lynn (Eltiste) Rinne

Born -November 23,1945


Son - Warren Kirby Eltiste

Born -January 7,1949

Son - Jay Scott Eltiste

Born -June 24, 1960  ۩ Died -June 26, 1960



Veteran World War IIBrother - Kiel Eugene Eltiste

Veteran World War II - Killed in ActionBrother - Herman Alton Paul Eltiste



Father - Conrad  August Herman Eltiste

Harry Eltiste

Mother - Ethyl Harriet (Kiel) Eltiste




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